• <i><b>The Outfit<br />
Styled by <a href='' target='_parent'>Jordan Grossman</a></b><br />
“I love a good jumpsuit because it can be worn anywhere and have the ability to be dressed up or down in a matter of seconds. Adding a blazer instantly creates an office-ready outfit. Choose your pieces in muted colors so they easily go from day to night. Your accessories can have the eye-catching details, like a striped bag, python pumps and a rhinestone choker.<br />
<br />
Jumpsuit by <a href=''>Milly</a><br />
Blazer by <a href='' target='_parent'>Acne</a><br />
Shoes by <a href='' target='_parent'>Jimmy Choo</a><br />
Bag by <a href='' target='_parent'>Carlo Pazolini</a><br />
Necklace by <a href='' target='_parent'>Ca & Lou</a></i>
  • <i><b>The Hair<br />
Styled by Ronnie Stam, Oribe Creative Director</b><br />
“The whole idea behind this look is going to work and then being able to quickly do something to your hair before a holiday party. I basically created what is almost like a ‘setting’ that looks good for the day. At night, you’ll unleash this updo-setting to reveal glamorously curly hair.”<br />
<br />
<b>Get the Look:</b><br />
1. Spray <a href='' target='_parent'>Foundation Mist</a> on a Mason Pearson brush and brush through dry hair.<br />
2. Apply <a href='' target='_parent'>Gel Sérum</a> throughout the mid-lengths to ends.<br />
3. Create a high half ponytail without pulling the ponytail all the way through the elastic. This creates a “double knot.”<br />
4. Create a second and third double knot directly below one another.<br />
5. Set pin curls around each base of the double knots. Loop the ends of the hair around your finger in any direction and pin the curls. There should be about five sets of curls with each double knot.<br />
6. Wrap a ribbon around the hair to style and diffuse.<br />
7. Once it’s evening, remove all of the pins and elastics. Apply <a href='' target='_parent'>Smooth Style Serum</a> to accentuate your waves. Use <a href='' target='_parent'>Fiber Groom Elastic Texture Paste</a> to tame any flyaways.</i>
  • <i><b>Makeup for Day<br />
Styled by <a href='' target='_parent'>Blondie</a></b><br />
“For the day, I was inspired by Taylor Swift’s cover shoot for </i><a href='' target='_parent'>Wonderland Magazine</a><i>: bronzed, glowing, beautiful and clean makeup. This look is stunning with a soft lip.”<br />
<br />
<b>Get the Look:</b><br />
1. Apply a natural base to the skin. Contour the cheeks with bronzer, keeping the skin fresh, natural and dewy.<br />
2. Apply a soft, taupe eye shadow to the eyelid, taking it up to the crease of the eye. With a fluffy eye shadow brush, blend the shadow through the crease of the eye, softening it out as you go.<br />
3. Use a pencil brush to apply a light dust of shadow along the bottom lash line.<br />
4. Finish with black mascara on the top lashes only.<br />
5. Apply a pinky beige lip gloss to the lips for a little kiss of color. </i>
  • <i><b>Makeup for Night<br />
Styled by <a href='' target='_parent'>Blondie</a></b><br />
“For evening, you’re building up your daytime look with some subtle drama to the eyes and a bold red lip—just like Taylor Swift during red carpet appearances. Perfect for party season!”<br />
<br />
<i><b>Get the Look:</b><br />
1. Deepen the crease of the eye using a darker chocolate brown eye shadow, winging it out to the outer corner of the eye. Using a pencil brush, follow with the same color under the eye.<br />
2. Line the water line of the bottom lash line using a black kohl eyeliner.<br />
3. Build up the lashes by applying multiple coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes for that gorgeous doe-eyed look.<br />
4. Finish with a red lip. Don’t be shy to build up the color on the lip!</i>

Work to Play

With the holidays approaching, our inboxes are filled with invites to celebratory soirees. The festive occasions run the gamut from after-work cocktails and formal galas to laidback evenings with family and ringing in the New Year. For each rendezvous, we asked a talented group of stylists, makeup artists and our own Oribe Education Team on how to dress the part. Watch this space for your hair-to-toe holiday style guide.

If you plan to head straight to a holiday happy hour from your day job, you’ll want to wear an office-appropriate outfit that can easily transition to an evening-ready look. For hair, our Creative Director Ronnie Stam came up with a style that sets during the day, and reveals glamorous waves at night. With makeup, you’ll start with a bronzed and clean face from 9 to 5, followed by a bold red lip once it’s wine o’clock. Click through our slideshow to learn how to get each look.
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