• <b>Tigran Avetisyan</b><br />
<br />
Moscow-based menswear designer Tigran Avetisyan is a graduate of the prestigious Central St. Martins with the support of a LVMH group scholarship. His Spring/Summer 2015 collection was a nod to commercialism in fashion. “I’m inspired by what’s done before, what was already shown last season…I joke that most designers work six months ahead and I work six months behind,” said Avetisyan. Lead hairstylist Kien Hoang created a low-fuss ’90s grunge-inspired look for the models so as not to compete with the already highly graphic clothes.<br />
<br />
<b>Get the Look:</b><br />
1. Wet the hair with <a href='/index.php/products/view/50' target='_parent'>Foundation Mist</a>, <a href='/index.php/products/view/55' target='_parent'>Maximista Thickening Spray</a> and water. Use your hands to work the product mixture through the hair to enhance the natural, wavy texture. <br />
2. Put a hair net over damp hair and let it set. <br />
3. Remove the hair net and define random sections of hair with <a href='/index.php/products/view/58' target='_parent'>Rough Luxury Molding Wax</a> for that ’90 grunge texture.<br />
4. Finish with <a href='/index.php/products/view/26' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> for a matte finish.
  • <b>Hamm</b><br />
<br />
Parsons graduate HyeGin Hamm’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was inspired by her Korean and American background. Hamm’s designs are made from 100% hand-washed denim in silhouettes inspired by the Korean Monk ensemble. Although the pieces are unisex, Hamm decided to use only male models for the show. Lead stylist Kien Hoang created a bowl-shaped look for the models with a matte finish. “I wanted to keep the look natural and fresh,” said Hamm of the hair.<br />
<br />
<b>Get the Look:</b><br />
1. Flatiron the hair to create a nice round shape. When you get to the front and triangle section of the head, flat-iron the hair straight out so the hair will fall softly around the face.<br />
2. Generously mist the hair <a href='/index.php/products/view/26' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> to create a matte texture.<br />
3. Finish with a mist of <a href='/index.php/products/view/71' target='_parent'>Superfine Strong Hair Spray</a> to lock the shape in place.
  • <b>ZDDZ</b><br />
<br />
London-based designer Dasha Selyanova of ZDDZ seeks to create womenswear pieces that combine menswear, street style and striking graphic prints in a youthful aesthetic. This season Selyanova found inspiration in the reflective gear worn by London cyclists. Furthermore, the bold prints in her designs are fragments of political slogans cut in with random phrases found in newspapers so they lose their intended meaning. Lead hairstylist Kien Hoang worked closely with the designer to create a highly graphic look reminiscent of cardboard to complement the clothes and visor accessories. Hoang played on the prints found in the collection by spraying the hair with bands of red, black and white. <br />
<br />
<b>Get the Look:</b><br />
1.	Create a perfect, straight middle part. Spray <a href='/index.php/products/view/26' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> or <a href='/index.php/products/view/2229' target='_parent'>Thick Dry Finishing Spray</a> and flat-iron the hair horizontally section by section. <br />
2. Spray <a href='/index.php/products/view/71' target='_parent'>Superfine Strong Hair Spray</a> in section by section and flat-iron the hair again.<br />
3. Tuck the hair behind the ears and shoulders.<br />
4. For an editorial touch, use a color spray to create bands of color in graphic shapes on the hair.
  • <b>D.TT.K</b><br />
<br />
Tokyo based designer Kazuma Detto of D.TT.K was inspired by Japanese motorcycle gangs for his Spring/Summer 2015 collection, which was full of tough separates. To round out the bad boy image, lead stylist Kien Hoang opted for clean-shaved head look.<br />
<br />
<b>Get the Look:</b><br />
1. Clip the hair depending on the model’s head shape, creating clean lines.<br />
2. Use <a href='/index.php/products/view/58' target='_parent'>Rough Luxury Molding Wax</a> to define the hairline.<br />
3. Finish with <a href='/index.php/products/view/26' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> for a matte finish.

VFiles Made Fashion

Since launching in September 2012, VFiles has become a culture-creating online destination for the fashion-obsessed. The social media-centered site features a vault of fashion media (encompassing every digital issue of Visionaire, V and VMAN Magazine, from which the site gets its name), original content and a highly curated store that has a reputation for putting designers on the map. Each year, VFiles hosts an online competition where hundreds of designers from around the world compete for a chance to show in the VFiles Made Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week. This year, designers Tigran Avetisyan, ZDDZ, Hamm and D.TT.K were selected. Lead hairstylist and Oribe Educator Kien Hoang worked closely with each up-and-coming designer to create a hairstyle that completed his or her vision. The night of the show, Hoang and other members of the Oribe Education Team, including Ronnie Stam, Louis Orozco and Coby Alcantar, crafted looks backstage for more than 50 models. Scroll through the slideshow above to see the looks and which Oribe products were used to create them.
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