• Veronica Swanson Beard (left) and Veronica Miele Beard (right), the design duo behind luxury American sportswear line Veronica Beard
  • Veronica Beard's first signature piece, the Jacket, is a classic dickey with a twist
  • Since launching, Veronica Beard has become a celebrity favorite
  • Veronica Beard Resort 2015, hair by Lindsey Williams using Oribe products

Veronica Beard

Sisters-in-law Veronica Miele Beard (VMB) and Veronica Swanson Beard (VSB) don't just share a first and last name, they also share a passion for reinventing luxury American sportswear. The pair’s first signature piece, a classic dickey with a twist, became a runaway hit. Since then, Veronica Beard has rolled out four successful collections during fashion week and become a favorite with celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner. We talked to Miele Beard and Swanson Beard about how they would outfit their dream salons, the greatest lesson they learned from their mothers and what’s on their Mother’s Day wish list.

Is it strange sharing a name?

VMB: Yes and no. There’s confusion all the time, but I sort of love telling our unusual story over and over…

VSB: It’s the best! We can be in two places at once, and we love flying together and freaking out the TSA people.

The Jacket, a redesign of the classic dickey, is your first signature piece. How did the design for this come about?

VMB: We had seen a similar concept with a man’s coat and thought that this would be an incredible piece for women as it takes the bulk out of layering. We continued to refine the concept by making the dickeys interchangeable and by using dickeys in all types of jackets.

VSB: It’s the perfect jacket to throw on and look classic, cool and chic.

How would you guys describe your design aesthetic?

VMB: Eclectic and edgy. I love a twist on any classic.

VSB: I would say mine is classic and bohemian.

Walk us through your creative process when designing a collection.

VMB: We often think about historically iconic women and their memorable style and how we can modernize it for today’s superwoman and her lifestyle.

VSB: Inspiration for us also comes from the most random things—a book, a photo, an advertisement and songs that we hear. For me, inspiration usually stems from a fictional character in my head.

Who is the Veronica Beard girl and how does she wear her hair?

VMB: The VB girl consistently cares about her look. I personally think a lot about how hair can complement a look and mood and not compete with it. Sometimes, the hair IS the outfit.

VSB: I think the VB girl also has effortless style and is sexy without trying. She’s smart and disarming. She’s got a wicked sense of humor and goes 100 miles an hour. She rocks sexy, windblown hair.

What’s the greatest lesson you learned from your mother?

VMB: My mom’s skin is phenomenal. She taught me that no matter what, cleanse your skin before going to bed and maintain a good skincare regimen. Clear, radiant skin will never go out of style!

VSB: Believe that anything can happen.

What’s on your wish list for Mother’s Day?

VMB: From my husband, a babysitter and tickets to see Bryan Cranston’s new show, All The Way.

VSB: The Valentino leopard fringe oversized clutch.

If you had your own salon, what would it be called and what would the uniforms look like?

VMB: My salon would be called VB Uniform For Hair. It would be an amazing concept to have different hairstyles that complement iconic outfits. What’s the best hairstyle for a tuxedo jumpsuit or a hoodie dickey jacket?

VSB: When I was little I dreamed of having a hair salon called LX (for no reason whatsoever). I would have everyone wear a white shirt and jeans—the perfect uniform.

How do your personal styles differ?

VMB: My uniform usually involves a jumpsuit paired with a motorcycle jacket and a pair of booties. My go-to hairstyle is a big fluffy square bun. It’s simple, so it doesn’t compete with the outfit, lifts the face and adds height. I also always wear a fantastic red or pink lipstick and a little Superfine Hair Spray and I’m done.

VSB: My uniform is jeans, a blazer and super high heels. My hair is either curly and big (with a little Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse) or back in a bun. Also, Imperméable is the best spray I’ve ever used!

Can you give us any hints as what to expect this upcoming season?

VMB: I’m so excited about this season’s inspiration, especially the hair and makeup. We’re going back to the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Think Priscilla Presley...

VSB: One word: dolls

What’s one tip you’d give aspiring designers?

VMB: Don’t ever hold back your artistic vision, but try to learn and appreciate the business side of fashion and beauty. Both sides are incredibly important to finding success…and you can wear both hats!

VSB: Make sure you know your customer inside and out.
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