Ted Baker Fall/Winter 2014

Hair by Loui Ferry

For British brand Ted Baker’s Fall/Winter 2014 presentation in London this month, hairstylist Loui Ferry drew inspiration from a combination of elegance and perfection. The result was a straight and smooth low ponytail for the women and a classic blow-dried style for the men. Dressed in tailored suits, embellished shift dresses and luxe outerwear, the models exuded Ted Baker’s signature sophistication from head to toe.

Get the Look (Woman):
1. Spray Maximista Thickening Spray equally all over the hair for volume. Blow-dry the hair with a brush to achieve natural and shiny luster.
2. At the very back and bottom of the head, create a low ponytail. Take a small piece from the ponytail and apply Superfine Strong Hair Spray before wrapping it around the low ponytail’s base to cover the elastic.
3. Add a bit of Rock Hard Gel to hold the hair in place and spray Dry Texturizing Spray on the hair’s tips.
4. Finally, apply Shine Light Reflecting Spray all over the hair for some extra shine.

Get the Look (Man):
1. Use Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse on damp hair.
2. Blow-dry the hair and shape and style it with Rock Hard Gel.

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