Sep 23, 2014


Shawn Mendes on "Good Morning America"

Hair by Kristan Serafino

If you’re not familiar with Shawn Mendes, then ask the 3.2-million fans of his Vine account. Since last year, Mendes’ six-second video clips showcasing his musical talents have garnered a Beatlemania-like fan base, and now, the 16-year-old has set his sights on the Billboard charts with the release of The Shawn Mendes EP.

This summer, the social media star made his rounds to promote his debut record, stopping in New York City for a performance on
Good Morning America. Hairstylist Kristan Serafino got to witness Mendes’ fandom first-hand while also cutting and styling his hair to complement his facial features and the texture of his hair.

Get the Look:
1. Emulsify a dime-size amount of Fiber Groom Elastic Texture Paste onto your fingertips.
2. Apply it from the back of the head to the front. If you still have some product remaining on your fingers, apply it again from the front to the back. “This helps eliminate the overuse of too much product along the hair line,” explained Serafino.
3. Manipulate the final hairstyle to your liking.
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