• Anthony Palermo suggests adding a few highlights around the face for a subtle change, like supermodel Miranda Kerr.
  • A bold new hue like Rihanna's poppy red can be a fun way to express your flirty side.
  • Alexandra Matiz at Muze Salon thinks Jessica Chastain has the perfect red.
  • Taylor Swift's beautiful golden blonde hue has complimentary strawberry tones throughout.
  • Anthony Palermo loves Miley Cyrus's bold blonde.
  • Selena Gomez's brown locks are the perfect hue.
  • Victoria Hunter loves Scarlett Johansson's blonde tresses for spring.

Shades of Spring

The change of seasons brings about the perfect opportunity to freshen up your hair color. We talked to three of Manhattan’s leading colorists (who also happen to own some of the city’s top salons) about what’s new for spring—they have differing thoughts on what’s in but all think that ombre in its current form is passé—and how anyone can update their look.

What are some hot hues for spring?

Victoria Hunter, Whittemore House: There’s a bit of a disparity between what I’ve been doing for runways and campaigns and what I’m seeing in the salon. In the fashion world, it’s all about brunettes, which is quite against the norm. I’ve been asked to do a lot of rich and dimensional coffee-colored hues—and even some black—but no blondes. This is really the first time I’ve ever experienced that for spring. In the salon, however, my colorists and I are working with all hues. I’m loving all the requests for reds we’ve been getting over the past couple of years. Currently, clients are asking for a coppery Irish Setter red. I’m also doing strawberry blondes (similar to the antiquey shade I just created for the Lanvin spring/summer campaign). Platinum hues seem to be out this season…and a lot of natural blondes, especially young women, are looking to go darker.

Alexandra Matiz, Muze Salon: Gold tones are very predominant this spring and summer across all shades. Blondes, brunettes and redheads are multi-dimensional but with different tones…pale, warm, gold.

Anthony Palermo, Anthony Leonard Salon: The blondes are child-like and very pale; the brunette is very dark and chocolate-y; and the redheads are sunny and have tone-on-tone highlights...lots of orange with brightness and pop!

What would you suggest for someone only looking to make subtle changes?

Victoria: Even to my most gun-shy clients, I always suggest something fresh for spring. Spring is about a rebirth and a renewal, so it’s a great time to try something new. If you’re not looking to make a big change, experiment with some lighter pieces here and there—it will make you look like you’re ready for the sun.

Anthony: Start with a few highlights around the face, like Miranda Kerr. Stay in same family as your natural base color. I like to call them in and out highlights, as if the sun did it while on a Caribbean vacation. Your colorist should not use more than eight foils and should have you out of the chair in 20 to 30 minutes.

Alexandra: I love to add different pigments by painting to add subtle dimension.

What would you suggest for someone looking to make bolder moves?

Anthony: Invite change! If your hair is too dark, don't be afraid of Cindy Crawford-inspired highlights full of honey and caramel. If your blonde is dull, try a Debra Harry look. Don't be afraid—your colorist will enjoy the challenge and will help you choose the best shades for you. Rihanna made a statement when she went poppy red…it's a fun way to express your flirty side! You can also try an extremely different look with a wig; it's very glamorous. Keep it chic by staying away from synthetics.

Which celebrity has the perfect spring shade?

Alexandra: Jessica Chastain has the perfect red; Taylor Swift has beautiful golden and strawberry tones in her blonde; and Olivia Wilde has the golden browns with dimension.

Anthony: Miley Cyrus has a great bold blonde; Selena Gomez has the perfect brown; and Emma Stone's red is regal.

Victoria: Scarlett Johansson currently has a pretty blonde. It’s very clean, which is always nice for spring.

Which hair color trend from fall/winter would you like to say goodbye to forever?

Victoria: A lot of my salon clients are still asking for ombre hair, even though they seem to be embarrassed by the request because they think it’s out of style. The truth is, it’s never going away. Some people may be sick of it, but it’s the perfect way for brunettes to have more fun with their hair color. They can keep the darkness around their face while experimenting with the ends. I’d like to see a more subtle approach to ombre this spring, with less of a heavy contrast between shades.

Anthony: The druggie-looking ombre…the kind where it looks like you can't afford to do your haircolor or are a teenage runaway. It's so over; I can't wait for everyone to come in and fix it! If you are going to ombre, you should still maintain it and freshen it up. Also stick to a tone-on-tone ombre, not a black and white look.

Alexandra: I agree. Harsh contrasting ombre can hit the pavement…

Any suggestions for preventing color fade from the sun?

Victoria: I love Gold Lust for sun protection. I just used it while I was on the beach in Mexico—it quickly absorbs and nourishes—and I noticed that my color wasn’t as distorted as it usually gets in the sun.

Alexandra: Along with protecting from the harmful UV rays, Gold Lust also enhances shine, which makes color look better.

Anthony: What people don't realize is that sometimes the sun makes hair color better; however, there are great products (like Oribe) that have UV protection. There is always the hat, but stay away from baseball caps. Keep it chic by covering your tresses with scarves...Hermes, Dior, Pucci…all very cool.

What Oribe products would you recommend to enhance/protect colored hair?

Victoria: Depending on the client’s hair, I use either Masque for Beautiful Color or Signature Moisture Masque after color processes. I feel it really changes the hair. After the sulfur bonds are broken by color, it helps nourish and heal strands.

Alexandra: Shampoo for Brilliance and Shine and the Masque for Beautiful Color.

Anthony: My favorite product ever invented: Masque for Beautiful Color... UV protection is just one of the reasons!
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