A Father's Day Tribute by Daniel Kaner

Oribe Co-founder and President, Daniel Kaner, is an open book when it comes to talking about his family. He is also a passionate businessperson and a vivid storyteller who comes to life when discussing his father, Harvey, his two children, Jonah and Sadye, and his wife and better half, Sonia—the love and gratitude he feels toward them is evident. With Father’s Day fast approaching, Oribe’s fearless leader took a moment to reflect on the man who raised and influenced him to become the father he is today. 

“My dad is someone who sees the glass as spilling over,” said Daniel. “He grew up as an only child in a small northern Minnesota town called Eveleth and always had a welcome exploration toward life—his outlook fresh and positive.” Harvey graduated from the University of Minnesota business school and worked long nights to pay for law school, but saw this as an amazing opportunity rather than a challenge. Operating with a deep-rooted sense of values, faith and honor, he graduated and began working as a corporate counselor at a grain cooperative owned by farmers. “Doing the right thing is important to him, and to have those values is extraordinary. Having a role model like that is a really great way to grow up.”

Some of Daniel’s greatest memories of his father include him showing up to Daniel’s junior high school tennis matches or waking up before dawn to drive Daniel on his paper route in the freezing cold Minnesota winter. Daniel also remembers Harvey expertly reciting scenes from Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, a skill he still has today at age 87. “Harvey traveled quite often for work, but when he was in town he was present and positive. My parents are very close—this year they are celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary. After every meal my mother cooked, he would tell her it was ‘best meal he ever had.’”

Harvey, like Daniel, derives joy from interacting with people—listening to their stories and taking a real interest in them. “He exudes an everyday kindness reminiscent of a simpler time.”

And when it comes to the grooming gene, Harvey sticks to the clean-cut ways of days past. “Watching my dad shave was mystical and organized. He would shower and shave seven days a week, even if he was about to go swimming. I remember my grandfather wearing Old Spice, but my dad was just very scrubbed.” Harvey has always had an obsession with his hair and prefers Supershine Moisturizing Cream to cement the rough pieces and give a smooth effect.

With such a larger-than-life role model at the helm, Daniel took to fatherhood with ease. “I’d be happy to make half the impact that my dad did. My kids, Jonah and Sadye, were great as little kids and they are great as big kids. We are truly blessed.”

Daniel’s children have been lucky enough to inherit some of Harvey’s best and most notable characteristics. “Jonah is careful and smart with a strong moral code. His magic is a different kind, and like my dad he would never make a joke at someone else’s expense.” Jonah, who Daniel goes on to describe as reserved, respectful and extraordinary, has friends from all parts of the globe and has had self-driven success in entrepreneurial adventures since junior high school.

“Sadye loves people and friendship and knows right from wrong. She is invested in her community and fights for and defends the underdog—she’s a fierce anti-bully. Sadye is a lot like my dad in that she will always welcome the new person at school and then invite them in.” And much like Harvey’s affinity for the orated word, Sadye loves singing, acting and creating. She’s curious about the world.

For Daniel, his family extends far beyond those who are immediately related to him. “I’m uniquely concerned with my work family, and I have a lot of emotion tied up in those relationships.” He hopes his children will step out into the working world and find a leader who will respect, challenge, develop and lead them as he aims to do with his Oribe Hair Care community. 

Daniel’s intense connection to his father and the pride and love he has for his children speaks volumes about the man he is and the values by which he lives. Learning from his father, teaching his children and spending time with his wife bring Daniel happiness and an optimistic hope for the future. “These are the people I want to hang out with all the time, and I’m so fortunate that they want to keep spending time with me.”

Hair is obviously a big dialogue for Daniel, and lucky for him, his family always lets him know whether he is personally winning at it or falling short. All of that loving feedback has given Daniel some good direction when it comes to his everyday hair routine. Read on to find out where he has ended up after much trial and some error.

  1. While he doesn’t color his hair, Daniel washes daily with Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color.
  2. He then towel-dries, and, per his hair mentor Oribe Creative Director, Ronnie Stam, works a small amount of Curl Control Silkening Crème into his hands before running it through the top section of his hair and allowing to air dry.
  3.  Daniel finishes with a small amount of Rock Hard Gel on the sides to give it some stick.


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