• <b><i>The Outfit<br />
Styled by <a href='' target='_parent'>Jordan Grossman</a></b><br />
“Leopard print and a studded collar gives this babydoll dress some edge. You can wear this look with or without tights, and depending on your shape, a belt can give yourself more of a waist. The glittery clutch is perfect for carrying whatever you may need for the night and the New Year.” </i><br />
<br />
<i>Dress by <a href='' target='_parent'>Saint Laurent</a><br />
Shoes by <a href='' target='_parent'>Emilio Pucci</a><br />
Belt by <a href='' target='_parent'>Jil Sander</a><br />
Bag by <a href='' target='_parent'>Edie Parker</a><br />
Bracelet by <a href='' target='_parent'>Jennifer Fisher</a> </i>
  • <i><b>The Hair<br />
Styled by <a href='' target='_parent'>Kien Hoang</a>, Oribe Educator</b><br />
“Since it's always a party on New Year's Eve, the hair should be sexy. Start with it as an updo full of volume and texture. Then, in the middle of the evening, let your hair down with a part in the middle for soft and loose waves.”<br />
<br />
<b>Get the Look:</b><br />
1. Use <a href='' target='_parent'>Foundation Mist</a> and then <a href='' target='_parent'>Maximista Thickening Spray</a> from the roots to ends of wet hair. <br />
2. Do a quick tousled blow out. When the hair is dry, lightly run <a href='' target='_parent'>Gel Sérum</a> through the hair.<br />
3. With a 1 ½-inch curling iron, bend and fold hair for a slight wave pattern. <br />
4. Use <a href='' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> at the roots to add volume. Lightly backcomb at the crown and grab all of the hair back, twisting it into an updo. Let the loose hairs frame the face.<br />
5. Use <a href='' target='_parent'>Superfine Strong Hair Spray</a> to hold the styled updo in place. If you want to bring the hair down, keep it more loose and textured with <a href='' target='_parent'>Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray</a>.</i>
  • <i><b>The Hair<br />
Styled by <a href='' target='_parent'>Kien Hoang</a>, Oribe Educator</b><br />
<i>“You can go two different ways with your hair when wearing this outfit. For those that want something cleaner and minimal, expose your face with a slicked-back look.”<br />
<br />
<b>Get the Look:</b><br />
1. Spray dry hair with <a href='' target='_parent'>Foundation Mist</a> until wet.<br />
2. Starting at the nape, apply <a href='' target='_parent'>Gel Sérum</a> section by section. <br />
3. Comb the hair back with a fine-tooth comb, following with your hand to slick and form the hair close to the head, exposing your head shape and profile.<br />
4. When the shape is fitted close to the head, use a blow-dryer to lock the style. If the hair length is long, apply <a href='' target='_parent'>Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray</a> and flat-iron to smooth the ends.</i>
  • <b><i>The Makeup<br />
Styled by <a href='' target='_parent'>Blondie</a></b><br />
“This look is all about the eyes! Complement smoldering, smoky eyes with a nude-colored lip gloss.”<br />
<br />
<b>Get the Look:</b><br />
1. Apply a matte-finish foundation.<br />
2. Apply a cream eye shadow in a shimmering warm brown over the eyelid.<br />
3. Deepen the crease of the eye using a dark brown eye shadow and a soft, fluffy eye shadow brush. Follow up with black eye shadow through the crease of the eye.<br />
4. Use a pencil brush and apply dark brown shadow along the bottom lashes.<br />
5. Apply black eye kohl on the upper lash line and inside the waterline of the eye. Apply mascara.<br />
6. Finish the look with a soft, nude lip gloss.</i>

New Year’s Eve

With the holidays approaching, our inboxes are filled with invites to celebratory soirees. The festive occasions run the gamut from after-work cocktails and formal galas to laidback evenings with family and ringing in the New Year. For each rendezvous, we asked a talented group of stylists, makeup artists and our own Oribe Education Team on how to dress the part. Click here for our previous hair-to-toe holiday style guides.

Celebrate the start of 2015 in a fun and plush ensemble of leopard print, studs, glitter and gold. To complement your outfit, Oribe Eductor Kien Hoang suggests two sexy hairstyles to ring in the New Year, including sleek and slicked-back look and a textured updo that you can let loose once the clock strikes midnight. For makeup, it’s all about the smoky, smoldering eyes balanced with a nude lip. Click through our slideshow to learn how to get each look.
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