• <b>Rihanna </b><br />
“She was really eager to move around and switch things up, which was great.”
  • <b>Frank Sinatra</b><br />
“I’m a big fan, so it was fantastic to work with him.”
  • <b>Jody Watley</b><br />
“I worked with her on her first album, so I really got to help create her image.”
  • <b>Jennifer Lopez </b><br />
“Jennifer was so much fun to work with on album packaging. We could be over the top and really play around.”
  • <b>Marc Anthony </b><br />
“I love him and his music. I’ve worked with him several times.”
  • <b>Whitney Houston </b><br />
“For this 'Elle' shoot, Whitney was fun and easy and willing to do pretty much anything.”
  • <b>Lady Gaga</b><br />
“I was so excited for this shoot because I’m a big fan. Her poodle head is one of my favorite looks.”
  • <b>Miley Cyrus</b><br />
“She’s such a cool, driven and smart girl. I fell in love with her after working with her.”<br />
  • <b>Barbara Streisand </b><br />
“We had to stick with her image, so we couldn’t do anything crazy. She’s just larger than life; it’s great to be around her.”<br />
  • <b>Cher </b><br />
“Cher is in idol of mine, and working with her is spectacular. When shooting her, she’s so free and amazing and eager to experiment. She’s very confident, which makes her very easy to photograph.”<br />
  • <b>Celine Dion </b><br />
“Celine always just wants to look great; she’s very fashion conscious. We’ve worked on editorial shoots, videos and album covers together.” <br />
  • <b>Sky Ferreira</b><br />
“She’s a very cool girl. She let me go in a Madonna direction for this 'V Magazine' shoot, but even more outrageous!”
  • <b>Gwen Stefani</b><br />
“She was spectacular to work with…so open to new ideas.”
  • <b>Prince</b><br />
“Working with him and Richard Avedon for Versace was great.”
  • <b>Taylor Swift</b><br />
“Taylor Swift was very cool and let me give her bangs for this 'Vogue' cover shoot. I think they made her look great, and she was really excited about them.”
  • <b>Mariah Carey</b><br />
“I’ve worked with Mariah for many years, from magazine shoots to some 'American Idol' episodes.”
  • <b>Britney Spears</b><br />
“Britney Spears is beautiful…just beautiful. When she’s ‘on,’ she can be so sexy.”
  • <b>Beyonce</b><br />
“I worked with her on a L’Oreal ad. She always knocks it out.”
  • <b>Tony Bennett</b><br />
“We did a photo shoot with Herb Ritts. He’s a legend, and I was honored to work with him.”
  • <b>Eve </b><br />
“She wanted to be blonde for this album cover. It was interesting to change things up.”
  • <b>Alicia Keys</b><br />
“She’s such a cool girl and very talented.”

Music Man

Oribe has worked with several renowned musicians throughout his career. “Musicians are usually a lot of fun,” Oribe says. “They’ll often let you play and experiment with their look. Sometimes, like with an album cover, you have to be ‘on persona,’ but many are willing to take risks for other shoots.” Oribe notes that while he likes to listen to the singer’s albums for inspiration, that’s not always the soundtrack on set: “Many of them don’t want to hear themselves!”

Along with working with musicians for shoots, Oribe has also seen several of them in his salons over the years, including Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Karen Carpenter and Rosanna Cash. “I used to cut Rosanna’s hair, and she gave me tickets to see her dad at Carnegie Hall,” he recalls.

So, who are his music icons when it comes to incredible hair? He lists Elvis, Madonna, KISS, Queen, Stevie Nicks, Nancy Sinatra in the ‘60s and, more recently, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce (“She always knocks it out,” he says).

From Sinatra to Cher to Miley Cyrus, Oribe shares some thoughts and memories from working with music’s top acts. Scroll through the slideshow above to see the work and read his comments.
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