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Morgan Curtis

With a family lineage of fashion designers—mom is designer Jill Stuart—Morgan Curtis’ idea to start a lingerie line called Morgan Lane in 2012 seemed like second nature. Add in her artistic background as a painter and illustrator, along with years of experience designing and consulting for her mother’s fashion brand, and you’ll find a lust-worthy collection of playful yet seductive undergarments and nightwear. In between designing her next collection—and before her trip to Marrakech—27-year-old Curtis took a moment to speak with us about her muse behind the brand, the greatest lesson from her mother and how she styles and cares for her natural curls.

Tell us how the idea of starting Morgan Lane came about.

I’ve always loved lingerie, and after working for my mom, Jill Stuart, for several years, I wanted to pursue a line of my own. My mom produced her first collection when she was 15 years old, so I felt inspired to start mine at a young age as well.

How does your background as a painter and illustrator tie into designing for your line?

The muse of my line—a doll named Lanie—came after I produced a series of doll paintings. I’ve been painting and drawing since I was a child. All of the illustrations that appear in Morgan Lane, from the custom lace and embroidery to the packaging, are all drawings of my own.

Tell us about Lanie.

Lanie is a muse of my imagination. Her name comes from the “Lane” part of Morgan Lane. Lane is my youngest sister Sophie’s middle name. Sophie is a little mischievous, so naturally Lanie is as well. She is always getting into trouble in the most playful way.

What was the transition like from designing ready-to-wear to lingerie?

Jill Stuart has often used lingerie as inspiration for her collections. From corset tops to girdles, lingerie can actually be the base of a lot of dresses, skirts and bodices. I think you need a bit of a background in lingerie if you want to make the perfect fitting dress. The biggest difference, however, would be all the tiny little details that go into the construction of lingerie, such as the underwire and the different elastics.

What's the greatest lesson you learned from your mother?

To stay true to my aesthetic and myself. She always told me never to make anything I wouldn't wear myself.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

It’s very girly, but in an unexpected way. I always say I’m the “girliest girl” with the most amounts of black in her closet.

Lingerie always makes a woman feel sexy. How would you define sexy hair?

I love bedhead hair—like most girls! There is a charm and an ease to it.

You once mentioned that you have very curly hair, how do you style and care for it?

I do! I get Keratin treatments to help manage it. My day-to-day is running a blow dryer through it and keeping it very natural. I love using Dry Texturizing Spray and the Signature Moisture Mask. They are perfect for my Keratin-treated hair.

What do you like to do when you're not designing?

I love to paint and spend time at home lounging with my boyfriend and listening to records.

If you had your own salon, what would it be called and what would the uniforms look like?

It would be called Valley of the Dolls, and everyone would be in vintage pinup girl uniforms.

Can you give us any hints about what to expect next?

I am working on making my collections into a lifestyle brand. I want each piece to be multifunctional. I have introduced a lot of bodysuits and pajamas that can be worn inside and outside of the house.

I am also about to take a trip to Marrakech and I would love to use that as inspiration for my next fall collection. I love the colors—the blues and deep purples. I want to make this next collection a little spicy, literally.
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