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His & Hers Hair Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Whether your Valentine’s Day plans are with someone new or your longtime sweetheart, formal or laid back, you’ll want to look your best. To help you out, Oribe educator Adam Livermore shared a few his-and-her hairstyle ideas for the romantic holiday. “Valentine’s Day hair should be easy, touchable and unfussy and it should move,” noted Livermore. Read on to discover hairstyles you’ll want to wear on February 14, and click through the slideshow above to learn how to achieve them.

For the Casual Celebration…

If you and your partner are the easygoing type when it comes to Valentine’s Day (think a homemade dinner and Netflix or a visit to that newly opened museum exhibit), a quick-to-do hair style can still look effortless for your carefree plans.
For Her: With the right cut and care, healthy hair will provide enough ease to achieve a sexy look after one wash and simple styling. “If you get that formula right, 99% of your hair issues will be resolved and your hair will look amazing every day,” noted Livermore.
For Him: Take inspiration from actor Chris Hemsworth’s go-to look for his medium-length hair, which is equal parts rugged and refined. “There’s nothing sexier than longish hair that’s casually pushed back with no comb or brush involved,” said Livermore.

For the Romantic Night Out…

If you and yours have a reservation—booked weeks in advance—for a decadent dinner at one of the most sought-after restaurants, then you’re bound for a Valentine’s Day that’s both lavish and luxe. No ensemble is too formal for this special occasion, and that includes your hairstyle.
For Her: “I love a woman who makes the gesture of putting her hair up,” said Livermore. “There is something about revealing the neck and shoulders that instantly elevates the tone of the entire evening.” For an uncomplicated updo, ditch the hair spray. You’ll avoid stiffness and, if you decide to let your hair down later on, you’ll be left with soft and touchable waves.
For Him: For a sophisticated evening, a man needs groomed hair that’s deliberately smooth, glossed and under control. Livermore always tells his male clients, “If you have a suit in your closet, you need to have hair products in your bathroom.”

For the First-Timers…

A couple’s first Valentine’s Day together can be tricky. You both want to look good without coming off as if you’re trying too hard. Luckily, these suggestions are easy to do and will still make an impression on your special someone.
For Her: “A ponytail is my go-to look for a woman who wants to look elegant but not too fussy,” said Livermore. As simple as it may sound, a ponytail can be confident and sexy.
For Him: Go for a styling spray so you can easily create a “cool, confident hair with a semi-matte and textured finish.”
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