• Oribe's award-winning masques repair damage from summer and keep hair looking healthy throughout the fall.
  • According to Oribe, undone waves are perfect for fall. Try Après Beach, which was used on Jennifer Lopez in the April 2012 issue of Vogue.
  • Coby recommends maximizing each blowout to last several days. A sleek ponytail is ideal for Day 3 hair. <br />
<br />
(Ralph Lauren Fall 2012)
  • Kien Hoang is loving groomed and modern styles for fall.<br />
<br />
(Hair by Ramona Eschbach)
  • Oribe's Shine Family provides the ultimate in luster for all fall styles.
  • Ronnie Stam suggests luxe hair accessories to dress up any style.<br />
<br />
(Oscar de la Renta Fall 2012)
  • If you're looking to test drive some bangs, Tom Gallagher says fall is the time to do it.<br />
<br />
(Chloe Moretz in the September 2012 issue of InStyle, hair by Oribe)
  • Steven Schmidt and Louis Orozco are seeing their clients adopting deeper hues this season.<br />
<br />
(Chanel Fall 2012)
  • Ramona Eschbach noticed pops of color all over the fall runways.<br />
<br />
(Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2012)

Fresh for Fall

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs rotating this fall—your hair routine needs an update as well. From switching up your products to trying on a new style, it’s important to make the proper transition from summer to fall. We asked the Oribe Education Team to get us up-to-speed on tips and trends for perfect fall tresses.

Hair Care

Oribe: Any change of seasons gives you a chance to start over and try new things. Before experimenting with a new cut, color or style, it’s essential to get your hair into peak condition. One way to do that is with our Masque for Beautiful Color, which offers intense, cuticle-enriching conditioning for any type of locks. I recommend using it at least once a week—more, if your hair is particularly dry, damaged or over-processed.

Steven Schmidt: Clients can shift from summer to fall by incorporating a little bit more moisture into their conditioning regime. Forced heat—both from blowdryers and from heating units in your home and office—does a number on your tresses, drying them out. Signature Moisture Masque provides the perfect antidote; it’s a super-rich reparative treatment for damaged locks.

Cut and Style

Oribe: Even through the weather is getting cooler, you don’t have to leave the summer completely behind. I’m very into undone waves for fall, and Après Beach is perfect for adding texture and shine all year round.

Coby: Now that the relaxed days of summer are over, everyone starts to get really busy in the fall. To save time, it’s important get the most out of every blow dry. To do that, try to think about your hair on day three while you’re styling it on day one.

Day 1: Start with blowdry and structure products, such as Foundation Mist, Supershine Light and Gel Sérum. Give yourself a smooth, pretty blowout.
Day 2: Add some texture into the hair with Dry or Après Beach or use a round brush to put a little bend on the ends.
Day 3: Put hair up into a sleek pony tail or French twist. Use more Dry to build texture or Sculpting Cream or Rock Hard Gel for slickness and hold.
Day 4 and beyond: Proceed at your discretion…

Kien Hoang: Summer is all about hair that’s down and loose and has a rougher texture, so it’s good to change things up for fall and opt for sleeker looks that are off the face and have a lot of shine. Creating a smaller head shape with some serious luster is more groomed and modern. Products from the Oribe Shine Family, such as Soft Lacquer, Gel Sérum and the new Shine Light Reflecting Spray (coming November 2012), are perfect for achieving high-wattage looks.

Ronnie Stam: I love dressing hair up for fall. Luxury headbands, high-quality scarves and stylish hats that let bangs peek through all look great and provide some versatility, especially with the shorter cuts people tend to get for the new season. Using a high-gloss leave-in product like Supershine or Supershine Light allows you to achieve smooth locks for a headband and acts as an all-day moisturizer under a hat or scarf.

Tom Gallagher: I like to open the bangs gate during the fall. If I have clients who are curious about bangs throughout the year, I encourage them to make the cut in the fall. Now is the best time to explore them because humidity relaxes and stronger styles are more on-trend. Smooth Style Serum is great for smoothing out bangs.


Steven Schmidt: One of my favorite fall trends is hair going a shade or two darker and incorporating more red tones. Summer blondes are beautiful, but a fall golden is gorgeous. To make highlights really pop, lightly mist Shine Light Reflecting Spray (coming November 2012) onto a brush and apply.

Louis Orozco: To transition from summer to fall, I recommend deepening your hair color for a richer look. Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque for Beautiful Color will help preserve your new hue, along with healing the effects of the sun, sea and sand of summer.

Ramona Eschbach: Multi-color hair is a big trend for fall. Flashes of bold colors hidden throughout the hair appeared on several runways—a good option for those who aren’t daring enough to dye their whole head. If you’re bleaching your locks, remember to use a masque regularly to heal the stripped hair and lock in moisture.
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