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WonderFALL: Tips for an Autumn Rinse and Reboot

As the final sunset of summer fades beneath the horizon, we are cheerfully greeted by cooler temps and cozy sweaters, yet there is still one midsummer memory that you can’t seem to shake: your trashed tresses. All the beaching, partying and relaxing has put your hair through the ringer, but Oribe Hair Care can help you repair the damage done in season’s past. Read on to discover how you can kick that distressed summer hair to the curb, and welcome in sleek, fresh hair for fall.

  1. Do the Cleanse
    While a cleanse might interrupt your social plans, the idea behind the purification stint is a good one. A cleanse is designed to rid the body of unhealthy substances and hair should not be left out of this purging process. The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo will rid your hair of all the dirt, oil and product buildup your hair has endured over the summer without stripping strands of essential oils. The result? Clean, shiny hair that is ready for a revamp.

  2. Let Your Hair Down
    Summer is synonymous with being on the go, and what’s more of a time saver than a swept-up ponytail or messy bun? While those hairstyles are effective and easy, they can lead to a tangled mess. Luckily, Run-Through Detangling Primer has the perfect formula for comb-worthy hair. When spritzed on damp hair, unruly hair is detangled and protected from heat and primed for styling. As the temperatures begin to drop, don’t be afraid to ditch those elastics and let your hair do the same. 

  3. Seal Your Ends
    Many lament the end of summer, but an equally feared end should be those at the bottom of your bob. Those pesky Y-shaped hairs that have broken and split due summer season dryness and damage can be counteracted with Split End Seal. This cream repairs up to 94% of split ends after just one use and contains UV protectants to preserve and protect your color.

  4. Maximize the Moisture
    After a long, hot summer in the sun and chlorine, hay hair can come out to play—and ruin good hair days. Indulge that desert-dry mane with a dose of the Signature Moisture Masque. After shampooing, massage this masque in from mid-shaft to ends and let your hair soak up all the moisturizing goodness to regain supremely soft and touchable hair. You’re not seeing a mirage; you have officially quenched your dehydrated hair for soft, conditioned locks.

  5. Rise and Shine
    Not everyone is destined to be a morning person, but it’s time we start taking the phrase “rise and shine” literally. Add Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil into your daily routine for an easy application of irresistible fragrance and incredible shine. Each frizz-fighting drop of this “liquid gold” oil penetrates hair to condition and strengthen, resulting in a smooth start to your day. 

  6. Change Color
    One of the most distinctive aspects of fall is the eye-catching change in scenery, and when the leaves turn to deeper shades of red, yellow and brown, you should do the same for your hair color as well. In order to preserve your new hue, reach for Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color, which has ingredients such as honey-derived humestants that fight against color fade. 

  7. Skip the Salon
    A change of season can also mean a change of schedule, and a packed fall calendar leaves you with little time for pampering at the salon. Fortunately, Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray instantly camouflages and revives between appointments. With half-a-dozen shade options, your color secret is safe with us.

  8. Shield the Heat
    Soaring outside temps may have said sayonara for the season, but we’re pretty sure your hot tools will be sticking around. For a sleek, shiny blow-dry, iron or curl, it is crucial that you prep hair with Balm d’Or Heat Styling Shield. This protectant layer is heat activated to lock in shine, fight flyaways and restore hair’s density. No shame in your hot tool game—just be sure to protect your hair before the damage is done.

  9. Pump Up the Volume
    Go bigger, better and bouncier this season with Thick Dry Finishing Spray, falls secret weapon to unlocking bombshell hair even when a drop in degrees can leave hair limp and lifeless. This spray swells the hair shaft from roots to ends, leaving you with voluptuous hair sans the stickiness found in other plumpers and volumizers.

  10. Wear Many Hats
    You can finally break out your beanies and flat-brimmed hats without the worry of hat hair. Airstyle Flexible Finish Cream creates soft texture, moisturizes and is re-workable throughout the day so hair can go back in time to pre-head gear glory. For those who skip a wash from time to time—We tip our caps to you—this finish cream is ideal for second-day styling. 
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