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Mercury Rising: Tips for Warm Weather Hair

The long-awaited warm weather season is finally settling in, and as most of us prepare to firm up our physiques, update our wardrobes and book our vacation villas, it's important to remember that all that fun in the sun can wreak havoc on your hair. Read on to discover how Oribe Hair Care and two of it's top educators, James Pecis and Kien Hoang, can get you through the dog days of the season with strands that were shown some serious summer lovin'. 

  1. Hydrate Like Crazy
    A summertime truth nobody likes hearing: Sun, sand, surf and even indoor air-conditioners can sap hair of much-needed moisture. In order to keep strands satiated, Oribe Director of Content and Training Kien Hoang suggests alternating in a weekly hydrating treatment, like Intense Conditioner for Moisture & Control. “The consistency is rich and concentrated in moisture and will help keep hair smooth and moisturized,” he says. Follow Kien’s ultra-hydrating weekly ritual, which includes applying Intense Conditioner for Moisture & Control after shampooing and leaving it on for 15 minutes. Then, finish with a cold-water rinse and marvel at your hair’s healthy shine.

  2. Screen Out the Sun
    Your skin isn’t the only body part that needs UV protection; hair—especially if it’s been colored—deserves some UV-ray blockage, too. “Wear a hat!” exclaims Oribe Global Ambassador James Pecis. Or, if caps aren’t your style, try a protective layer of Supershine Moisturizing Cream to help combat UV oxidization. “You can apply it on damp hair and dry it in, or run a coat of the cream through hair to help slick a ponytail into place,” James suggests. Kien adds that all-over lightened hair, ombré ends and balayage highlights all need extra UV shielding. He offers this sun-smart tip, “Keep adding Supershine Moisturizing Cream to the mid-shafts and ends throughout the day to protect and moisturize hair."

  3. Oil Up Before You Dive In
    If pools play a large part in your summer schedule, chlorine is certain to rear its ugly green-giving head when it comes to your hair color. “Hair is super-porous and soaks up chlorine, which in turn dries-out and damages hair,” says James. He recommends staving off damage by applying Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil to dry hair prior to jumping in the pool; this preemptive strike helps prevent hair from soaking up chlorine-filled water. However, once you exit the pool, the battle doesn’t end. Kien advises you reapply hair oil to both seal hair and detangle.

  4. Skip the Suds
    Color dulling is particularly brutal during the sunshine-heavy months, and using a lather-free option, like Cleansing Crème for Moisture & Control, to clean hair helps cut down on additional fading due to sulfates. “Think of your hair like its your new black shirt or dark denim—That first wash in heavy suds will strip the color and tone,” says Kien. “Lather- and/or sulfate-free shampoos are great because they free hair of dirt and product buildup, but don’t strip natural oils or hair color.”

  5. Towheads, Take Care
    Many of us crave lighter hair as soon as the sun becomes a more permanent fixture in our lives. The problem? “Hair that has been processed and especially bleached can be fragile and susceptible to sun damage,” warns James. He points to Bright Blonde Radiance and Repair Treatment as a way to protect fragile hair from further destruction. “The formula’s so light, it won’t weigh down the hair,” he shares. And if premature yellowing or orange tones plague your clients, Kien lists this Bright Blonde Radiance and Repair Treatment virtue: “It restores the brightness of tones using violet hues, ensuring blondes won’t go brassy.”

  6. Play with Plaits & Piles
    The best summertime beauty follows this creed: Keep it casual and cool. “Braids and high buns are perfect for managing long hair and helping to cool you down when the temperature is high,” says James. His advice: “Lock your braids in super-tight with Star Glow Styling Wax for no fuzzy bits or flyaways.” Or, try Kien's take on effortless chic: Pull hair into a high ponytail and apply Star Glow Styling Wax around the hairline to tamp down baby hairs and flyaways. Then, divide the tail in two and run Star Glow through the pony to help amplify shine for a wet-looking finish to your rope braid. Finally, wrap your glossed twist into whatever shape you like, and dress the style with the Oribe Geometric Gold Plated Hair Stick. Easy, sleek and chic.

  7. Fight the Frizz
    When sticky summer humidity enters the picture, frizz isn’t far behind. The first line of frizz defense: massive moisture. “Give your hair some hydration love with a slightly heavier shampoo and conditioner,” James suggests. Then, repel sweltering weather and stop fuzz formation by using Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray as your finishing spray. “Mist it on each section of hair as you work to block out natural frizz due to humidity. You can also spray Imperméable on your hands and work through to control and hold side-swept bangs,” shares Kien.

  8. Lay Off the Heat
    Spending time alfresco definitely compromises hair (see: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 above), but it also gives you the opportunity to indulge in a healthy-hair practice that tends to get shelved during the colder months. “Air-drying is so popular in the summer,” says James. To take advantage of the fact you don’t need to heat-style every darn day, he offers this path to temperature-free tress perfection: “Once you’ve shampooed and conditioned, wring out your hair with a towel and use a wide-tooth comb or a wet brush to help draw your parting. Then, scrunch and twist in Matte Waves Texture Lotion to give hair a gentle grip that holds natural wave movement. Once dry, gently tousle with your hands and you’re good to go!”

  9. Wash the Green Away
    If one too many dips in the pool have turned strands a stubborn shade of green, introduce a once-weekly clarifying shampoo session to handily remove chlorine and dirt buildup. However, clarifiers can leave hair feeling like straw, so Kien suggests using this one-two punch: The Cleansing Clarifying Shampoo followed by Essential Antidote Replenishing Conditioner. “They’re great if you want to remove product buildup without over-stripping the hair,” he says. Agrees James, “The Essential Antidote Replenishing Conditioner’s foaming charcoal formula is so rich that you don't need much and your hair still feels like hair after.”

  10. Soak Up the Sweat
    Let’s face it: A sweaty scalp does nobody any favors—especially those who have fine hair. “Fine hair can lose its body due to hot, sweaty days, so to help give it some life, spray Gold Lust Dry Shampoo at the roots to soak up sweat and add volume,” says James, adding that Gold Lust appeals to all hair types and colors thanks to the fact that it keeps hair 100-percent touchable and won’t leave a powdery cast behind.
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