Cover Shoot with Coby & Joey

Modern Salon, January 2016
Hair by Coby Alcantar and Joey George

Stylist dream team Coby Alcantar and Joey George collaborated on a striking nature-inspired style that pops off the page for Modern Salon’s January 2016 cover. The Oribe Educators created a silhouette with a short cut and an abundance of texture that resembled oddly shaped stones that Joey noticed while on location for a shoot in California. The stones were tall and bulky with narrow bases that had naturally eroded into an interesting organic shape. The duo decided that the style would reflect these forms and mimic the movement of sand blowing over the stone. “Translating the beauty of nature into the art of hairdressing was a beautiful experience,” Joey said. “We were able to capture fresh, beautiful images that we hope will inspire in the New Year.” 

While both Coby and Joey were honored to have the opportunity to represent Oribe Hair Care on an industry cover, they were equally enthused about working together on a shoot for the first time. “Partnering with Joey and seeing him in his element was a major highlight of the project,” said Coby. “He came with an incredible and elaborate mood board and the ideas between the two of us just started flowing.” Coby clipped and snipped to create the dynamic cut that would showcase the neckline and Joey followed up with the open, airy, eye-catching style.

Get the Look:

The Cut by Coby:

For this look, Coby focused on removing weight to create an internal layer within the shape. This cut encourages movement and supports different styles. The sections were cut classic-bob-horizontal, starting at the nape. She cut the underneath layers slightly shorter and the internal layers more extreme toward the perimeter.

Finally, she reshaped the existing bangs and layers, as sometimes things don't need to look shorter, they need to look better.

The Style by Joey:

  1. Prep hair with Maximista Thickening Spray at the roots, Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse on mid lengths and Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil on the ends. This combination provides volume, hold and conditioning for dry ends.
  2. Blow hair out with a small Mason Pearson starting at the nape and finishing at the front hairline. Be sure to angle hair back and away from the face.
  3. Wrap 1-inch sections on the nape in small hairpins, weaving the hair in a figure-8 and flat ironing. For the crown, change the pattern slightly by alternating the pins and creating the same figure-8 technique with a 3/8-inch curling iron This creates a softer, irregular wave.
  4. Using a wide-tooth comb, pull the hair out to create texture and lace with a brush.
  5. Finish with Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray and Star Glow Wax (launching March 2016) to control the hairline. Star Glow has a high-shine and medium hold and is great for controlling edges of resilient hair textures.
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