The Genius of Gianni

Twenty years after Gianni’s death, his sister, Donatella, created a spring collection that brought the original influence of Versace back to life in a big way. The January 2018 Ocean Drive Magazine spread, which was photographed at the late designer’s famed Miami villa, combined patterned backgrounds and eye-catching clothing to create a funhouse of color and flair. Oribe Editorial Stylist Adrien Coelho used his surroundings as inspiration and turned the decked-out models into bold visions. “This look is sexy, wild and strong,” said Adrien, referring to the brunette's modern shag. “You can find traces of the ’70s, but with today’s touch. It’s the new 2018 French style.” 

Get the Look:

  1. Begin by brushing and smoothing the hair to achieve a natural shine.
  2. Apply Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray before wrapping sections of hair around a small-barrel curling iron. Release and separate
  3. 3. Add a spritz of Dry Texturizing Spray to each curl and brush out.
  4. Hit hair with a blow dryer to mix and separate the strands.
  5. Mist Swept Up Volume Powder Spray in the roots to boost volume and massage in using fingers.





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