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  • Olympic Chic Look
  • Faux Marilyn Monroe Look
  • Mrs. Robinson Beehive Look
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"Angela Lindvall"

Vogue Italia, March issue
Hair by Sheridan Ward

Model Angela Lindvall works a range of styles in this fashion spread for the March issue of Vogue Italia.“We wanted to represent this idea of an all-American girl and show off the beauty and versatility of our very own all-American girl, Angela,” said hairstylist Sheridan Ward. Sheridan looked at classic images of actresses and movies from different generations of Hollywood to inspire the looks for this story. “I came up with 30 different looks in the end,” he said. “This shoot was all about showing the versatility, so I wanted to give Angela as many different looks as possible.” Below, Sheridan shows us how to recreate some of the styles from the shoot.

Get the Textured Bouncy Hair Look:
1. Prep damp hair with Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse. Flip head upside down and rough-dry with hands to create extra lift at the root.
2. Once hair is dry, apply Dry Texturizing Spray to the roots, then rough-dry a little with the dryer.
3. Take random sections of hair and pin into larger curls on head. Use a blow-dryer to gently heat the curls, then mist with Superfine Hair Spray and allow to cool.
4. Undo curls and gently loosen with fingers.

Tip: If you want a stronger curl or more movement in the hair, heat random sections with a large-barrel curling iron for 10 to 15 seconds before pinning into place.

Get the Olympic Chic Look:
1. Apply a generous amount of Foundation Mist to damp hair and comb through. Follow with a generous amount of Sculpting Cream applied from roots to ends and brushed through. Gather hair into a high bun, using a paddle brush for a smooth groomed look, and secure with a hair tie or bungee band.
2. Separate ponytail into two parts and braid each section. Smooth each section as you go by reapplying a small amount of Sculpting Cream to prevent flyalways and maintain shine.
3. Pin plaits to head around the base of the ponytail to achieve desired look.
4. Mist with Superfine Hair Spray to finish and Shine Light Reflecting Spray for an extra-glossy effect.

Tip: To tame flyaways around the hairline, apply a small amount of Gel Sérum onto tips of fingers and smooth over hairs to help them lie flat, then gently heat for a few seconds with a hair dryer on a medium heat and low speed to set them into place.

Get the Faux Marilyn Monroe Look:
1. Prep damp hair with Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray and rougdry. “If your hair has natural wave or curl to it, use a paddle brush to blow out hair,” Sheridan said.
2. Divide hair into small sections and mist with Superfine Hair Spray before curling with a curling iron. Pin curls in a tight set and mist again with Superfine.
3. Once set has cooled, undo curls and gently backcomb at root with fingers.
4. Shape style with fingers, using Superfine to set the look as you go. Pin random pieces, if needed, to achieve Marilyn’s shorter style, and mist with Superfine Strong Hair Spray to set the look.

Tip: To get that Marilyn flip at the front, section off a two-to-three-inch square section of hair at the hairline and set diagonally away from the face.

Get the Mrs. Robinson Beehive Look:
1. Apply a generous amount of Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse to damp hair and rough-dry.
2. Mist Dry Texturizing Spray from roots to mid-lengths, and rough-dry in with hands. Back comb hair using a fine-tooth comb or soft brush, concentrating at the roots to get lift and volume. Leave any bangs out. “You can also leave out a small section of hair in the front to create a faux sweeping bang across the forehead,” Sheridan said.
3. Smooth over the style with a soft boar-bristle brush, maintaining the volume. Roll the lengths of hair into a French twist at the back of the head, pinning as you go to secure.
4. Backcomb bangs and style separately. Add a large hair band of choice across the middle of the head. “This gives a cool twist to a retro style,” Sheridan said. Use fingers to tease out random pieces of hair for a textured, piecey look. Mist with Superfine Hair Spray to finish.

Get the Big Hair Look:
1. Apply a generous amount of Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse to damp hair and rough-dry. Once dry, spray a generous amount of Dry Texturizing Spray allover and dry product into hair.
2. Using a soft brush or comb, backcomb the entire head, focusing on the roots. “Mist roots of hair with Superfine Hair Spray before teasing for extra hold and longevity,” Sheridan said.
3. Using a soft bristle brush, gently smooth all the hair back, paying special attention not to disrupt or flatten your backcombing. Mist with Superfine Hair Spray to set hair as you go.

Tip: This style works better with shorter or shoulder-length hair. For long locks, tie hair at mid-lengths into a low ponytail. Roll lengths of hair underneath itself and secure with bobby pins at the nape of neck to create a faux bob.
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