Oribe Education offers artisanal workshops and studios tailored to progressive salons and stylists. Our intimate, atelier-styled programs are designed to share a thoughtful approach to hairdressing one that is as much about developing intuition and imagination as it is about instilling the tools of master-level cutting and styling.

There is no right or wrong in learning...it is about the exploration and experiences that evolve a stylist抯 perspective and blend old-world techniques with new-world insight. Informed by decades of collaborations with the leading photographers, editors, creative directors, supermodels and tastemakers, Oribe Education was crafted to share insider knowledge and secrets collected, cultivated and evolved while shaping the image of hair and style for our generation.

This is the education of the hair-obsessed. The best part...a percentage of all product purchases goes toward earning it.

In-Salon Classes

揑 think of haircutting as an art, and I give each haircut its very own energy each different, each tailored. Oribe

Oribe Hair Care brings learning directly to your salon floor with cutting and styling classes customized for each salon based upon the interests and needs of their stylists and clients. With a workshop approach, the result is a shared learning that benefits stylists and staff of all levels.

Learn the Oribe Hair Care method for tailoring every cut precisely to the client梐 personalized approach that examines everyone抯 individual beauty and lifestyle. The program is rooted in a process that teaches visualization and intuition alongside specific hairdressing techniques... breathing modernity into timeless cuts.

Beautiful, glamorous hair梐n Oribe Hair Care signature. Gather lessons from decades of red carpet work and thousands of photoshoots...revisiting classic styles, runway and haute couture looks and celebrity trends with a member of the Oribe Education Team. From sleek looks to flowing curls, stylists will learn the lost art of hairdressing梩ime-crafted techniques that help shape the most noticeable styles of today.

Interested in learning how to recreate a vintage Italian Vogue cover or the most recent spread from V Magazine? Turn your salon into a photo studio for the day to create and photograph cover looks inspired by the world抯 top fashion magazines. These classes teach both cutting-edge trends and the iconic styles that transcend seasons. Tap into the aesthetic of legendary sitting editors and photographers to instill editorial expertise into a salon抯 entire staff. Stylists interested in session work, building portfolios or simply enhancing the breadth of their offering will find tremendous value in translating these of-the-moment looks.

Artistic Director Program

A select group of the creative leads from the Oribe Member Salons are provided opportunities to push their skills, eye and references beyond the reaches of their daily surroundings. A collective of creativity brings editorial-level approaches and inspiration to this next generation of hair masters, hand-picked to participate based on their body of work, passion and potential. Hairdressing, photography, references and peer feedback combine to influence a master-level apprentice program.

Backstage Events
In a never-before-seen teaching format, Artistic Directors converge in one city for a weekend of hairstyling, makeup, photography...and entertainment. You could call it a hair jam厀e call it Oribe Backstage. Intensive hands-on sessions provide elite stylists with in-depth cutting and styling technique, gaining exposure to backstage practices and creating countless looks on models, all while pushing the boundaries of their craft and their comfort zones. Stylists leave exhausted, exhilarated and with a full curriculum of teaching guides, inspiration books and DVDs to recreate Backstage with their fellow hairdressers when they get home卆nd rest up.

Watch behind the scenes footage from our recent backstage event...

Fashion Week
Ever wanted to be backstage at a runway show, helping the Oribe Editorial Team translate a designer抯 vision for the catwalk? Artistic Directors who qualify have the opportunity to hit major Fashion Weeks across the globe.

To learn more about our products, education and salon support programs, please contact 1-888-ORIBE-99 (1-888-674-2399)... or have us contact you.