Behind the Hair

"Joe Jonas"

NYLON Guys, January 2014
Hair by Anna Bernabe

Modeling an array of avant-garde streetwear looks, Joe Jonas parts ways with his former boy band image for the January 2014 issue of
NYLON Guys. Hairstylist Anna Bernabe was on set to cut the singer抯 hair before grooming him for the shoot. 揌is clothes had pops of pattern and texture, so I wanted to balance that by adding a shiny and loose element to his hair, Anna said. 揓oe was the sweetest person to work with! We had fun exchanging ideas for Halloween costumes while I was cutting his hair.

Get the look:
1. Prep hair with Foundation Mist. Work in lots of Gel S閞um throughout hair for shine and hold.
2. Mist with Shine Light Reflecting Spray.

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