Behind the Hair

"Sexiest Woman Alive"

Esquire, November 2013
Photographer: Vincent Peters
Hair: Oribe

Scarlett Johansson earned the title of "Sexiest Woman Alive" for the second time in the November issue of
Esquire, and Oribe created an easy, glamorous style for the occasion. "Scarlett didn't want a bombshell look for the cover; she wanted something more natural," Oribe explained. "She already has movie star's the perfect length, color and texture." Oribe took Scarlett's strands to another level to create what he described as an "effortless style and texture that's very current."

Get the look:
1. Apply Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse to damp hair and power dry so that the hair has movement.
2. Add Thick Dry Finishing Spray and hit it with the blow dryer again for fullness.
3. Using a 2-inch curling iron, enhance natural movement by curling various sections of the hair梥ome big, some small梩o create good texture while avoiding a perfect wave.
4. Work with hair in front to create a sexy face-framing texture.
5. Finish with Imperm閍ble Anti-Humidity Spray for flexible hold and to prevent frizz.

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