Oribe Holiday Collections

10 Ways To Reuse Your Oribe Holiday Collection Box

The Oribe team was so inspired by the beautiful design of our holiday boxes that we came up with several fun and useful ways to repurpose the box. Scroll through the slideshow and read below for our ideas.

1. Store your favorite photos
2. Use it as a vanity to hold makeup
3. Place it on a coffee table to hold napkins and coasters
4, Fill box with keepsakes to create a time capsule
5. Keep all your gift wrapping materials in one place--ribbons, bows, gift tags and tape
6. Organize your jewelry
7. Use the box to serve your favorite candy and treats
8. Create a tea chest
9. Recycle as a gift box
10. Organize your hair accessories, from bobby pins and barrettes to headbands and Purse Size sprays

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