Easy Living March 2011

"Work, Rest & Play"

Ronnie's notes on getting the look:
揑t抯 important for the ponytails to have a lot of body. Experiment with styles to choose a look that抯 right for you. If you want to keep the ends of your hair looking polished, you can touch up your style with a curling iron as a final touch.

How to get the look:
1. Spray Foundation Mist on damp hair to prep for styling.
2. Blow out using Gel S閞um with a round brush. As the hair dries - and while it抯 still hot - replace the round brush with rollers to enhance curl and create volume.
3. After removing the rollers, touch up with a large-barrel curling iron where necessary to define waves.
4. Apply Dry Texturizing Spray, section by section, from roots to mid-shaft.
5. Tease the hair at the roots, very lightly, working in 1- to 2-inch sections. Over-direct the hair as you go to enhance body.
6. Brush out lightly, using a Mason Pearson flat brush for smoothness.
7. Use your fingertips to tame frizz around the hairline with a light amount of Rough Luxury Molding Wax, as you style a ponytail of your choice. Apply the product no further than inch into the hairline.
8. Lock the style into place with Superfine Hair Spray as needed.

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