Behind the Hair

"Emma Watson"

Elle, April 2014
Hair by Ken O扲ourke

揑t抯 downbeat glamour with a nod to Raquel Welch, said hairstylist Ken O扲ourke said
Noah star Emma Watson抯 cover look for the April issue of Elle. Ken switched up Emma抯 voluminous tresses for the rest of the spread, transforming her full coif into low messy pigtails inspired by iconic 60s photographer Sam Haskins seminal book of photography Cowboy Kate.

Get the cover look:
1. Prep dry hair with Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, distributing product evenly from roots to ends. Divide hair into large sections and set with large heated rollers.
2. After rollers have cooled, undo hair and brush out. Tease hair throughout, focusing on creating a lot of lift at the crown.
3. Gently brush hair to smooth out the top and create a low side part. Set the look with Superfine Hair Spray.

Get the inside look:
1. After completing the above steps, pull hair into two low ponytails at the base of the head and secure with elastics.
2. Finish with a mist of Superfine Hair Spray to set the look into place.

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