Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

Jeremy Laing

Hair by Ramona Eschbach for Oribe Hair Care

"This is my third season with Jeremy Laing, and we're always trying to do something new but in the same spirit as past shows," explained Ramona Eschbach, lead hairstylist for the designer抯 Spring/Summer 2014 runway show. Backstage at Pier 59 Studios, Ramona and her team created naturally textured hair that was sewn in the back with elastic string. "Jeremy always likes the hair to be natural, nothing too contrived or overdone. We wanted to create a small flat head shape with a beachy grungy texture for spring."

For the girls:
1. Spray hair with Foundation Mist and work in with hands to encourage natural waves and texture.
2. Spray hair with a mist of Apr鑣 Beach all over for added texture, shine and piecey separation.
3. Part hair horizontally at the occipital bone and clip top section up and out of the way. Create a small, tight French braid going across the head at the occipital bone. Let hair from the top section down and brush over the braid.
4. Clip hair in back of head down flat to the skull. Take elastic string and with a rounded hook needle, sew the string into the hair, weaving in and out of the hair passing through the French braid to secure the hair to the head. After passing one direction, go back the other way to tie down the spaces in between the stitches. Tie elastic tight to the hair.
5. Finish hair with a few more sprays of Apr鑣 Beach.

For the boys:
1. Spray hair with Foundation Mist and work into strands with hands to encourage natural texture.
2. Mist hair with Apr鑣 Beach for added texture and shine.

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