MSN Living, July 2012

How to Get Supermodel Hair

Oh, those sexy, come-hither waves that grace all the models of Victoria's Secret. We've been after their bombshell looks for years -- and although so far we've been unable to get their killer bods, we actually can get their luscious locks.

"Victoria's Secret hair is all about natural waves and movement," says hairstylist Oribe. "It's appealing because it's long, easy sexy hair with good texture, but it's not perfect."

To achieve the look, Oribe recommends using products that induce a lot of brilliance and shine, like the Oribe Hair Care Shine Collection.

The key to achieving bouncy, sexy waves is to use a lightweight product that will hold the shape without making it stiff. Try a saltless wave spray to easily create tousled waves, like Apr鑣 Beach -- just spray in, scrunch locks and give it a quick dry with the hairdryer. The combination of intense shine and loose curls are oh-so-supermodel chic.

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