A Conversation with

Sandy Poirier

Sandy Poirier is a hairstylist (揜ockstar Hair Warrior, to be exact), photographer, adrenaline junkie and Renaissance man turned model for Oribe Hair Care抯 new campaign. Learn more about what makes this celeb stylist tick卆nd how this unlikely hero broke the mold to build one of the coolest and hippest salons in the country.

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Signature style or haircut?
Punk rock, rock star, disconnected and edgy

Favorite Oribe product?
Dry Texturizing Spray. (To see Sandy styling this campaign, click here)

How do you spend your Mondays?
Editing photos and videos, motorcycle rides, downhill mountain biking

What you are listening to right now?

Something you are embarrassed to admit you love?
Freshly cut flowers

Favorite food and drink?
Sushi and champagne

Hidden talent?
I'm a great squash player

Talent you wish you had?
Ability to touch type

Best piece of advice you ignored?
To use your tire warmers when the track is cold

Favorite tattoo?
The skull on my right hand, which was done by Kat Von D on Miami Ink. It is very artistic and special because she did it.

Where would you teleport to in the next 10 seconds?
The movie Easy Rider

Best kept secret in Boston?
Blue Hills Reservation

Personal or favorite motto?
"No guts, no glory," and "Memento Mori" ("Remember your mortality")梬hich is one of my tattoos

Greatest extravagance?
Chrome Hearts jewelry and vintage cameras

Words or phrases you most overuse?
換uit snivelin," 揜attin around and 揕isten

If you could create something, what would it be and what would you name it?
Shagbook梩he next Facebook, but for cool people only

Learn more about Sandy: Watch Shag Salon TV or visit ShagBoston.com

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