Behind The Hair

"Up All Night"

Santa Barbara Magazine, December 2011

Hair by Gerald Decock

Santa Barbara Magazines Up All Night story aimed to capture the essence of Santa Barbara style, with carefree hair and clothes, a beach location and a shoot that lasted throughout the evening and into the early morning hours. The original inspiration for the shoot was a bonfire on the beach at magic hour with a casta coven if you willof color and eclectic but opulent gypsy girls, says hairstylist Gerald Decock, who used Oribe hair Care products to get the looks. For the half-up blonde hairdo, Decock wanted to create a suggestion of a 60s style, but with more of a rough, undone finish.

Heres how to get the look:
1. Start with hair that has been allowed to dry naturally.
2. Spray liberal amounts of Volumista, concentrating at the crown.
3. Scrunch-dry the hair, again focusing on the crown.
4. Spray Soft Lacquer and use a crimping iron at the crown as close to the roots as possible; this makes it so that you dont have to tease the hair.
5. Crimp random places throughout the hair, always spraying Soft Lacquer before using the iron.
6. Brush through hair thoroughly and spray Dry at the roots for added volume.
7. Gather hair at the crown, leaving a 2-inch veil around the hair line, twist slightly and pin. The crimping will help keep the hair secured in place.
8. Finish with Aprs Beach and place a few hairs behind the ears to lighten the veil.

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