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Backstage Las Vegas 2011

The theme for this year's Backstage was "What's New Pussycat?" The concept of a 損ussycat is really about an attitude more than a look卛t is about confidence卆 sultry, feline, sexy confidence.

The inspiration is very 60s, but this type of woman transcends the decades. Jean Harlow匛lizabeth Taylor匔andice Swanepoel...Penelope Cruz. It抯 all about over-the-top glamour卆nd more importantly the attitude that takes 揵eautiful and turns it to 搒triking.

Backstage was about finding your freedom of expression...creating styles that are beautiful, intentional and alluring in their own way...whether it's a model with voluminous hair for the cover of Italian Vogue or a grunge girl who has her own type of draw. It抯 easy to get stuck into a routine, but if you can break the rules and see that it works for your own personal style, you抣l build confidence and control.

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