On Set


Seattle-based hairstylist Avian King has been in the business since 2006. When she抯 visiting New York to work shows for designers like Jen Kao during fashion week, she抯 fulfilling her role as a key member of Vivienne Mackinder抯 team, created last year. Along with styling, the design and editorial worlds have captured Avian抯 attention.

Here, Avian discusses how she found inspiration for her latest shoot, why she抯 into retro hair and what music inspires her on-set.

Where did you find the inspiration for your editorial?
The wardrobe provided on the day of the shoot. The photographer wanted to do something similar to Anthropologie抯 brand imagery: sophisticated and urban.

How did you come up with the shoot title?
I called it 揝ienna because of the earthy feeling and colors of the wardrobe. Both models hair had a sandy sienna tone, as well.

What mood were you going for?
Sexy, dressed hair with a retro finish. The bob was created by pinning up the hair, as the model抯 hair is actually quite long. And I really loved playing with the fishtail-braid effects.

What drew you to the models you cast?
I didn't have any influence in the casting, but the photographer for this shoot, Mike Luong, and I have had a theme of redheads this year.

What music was playing on the set?
DJ Miguel Alvarado's latest mix, 揙ne Night Stand, Kaskade and some Goldfrapp.

What Oribe products did you use?
Dry Texturizing Spray and Superfine Hair Spray.


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