Portfolio Brief

"Aussie Shade Shoot"

David Harrington抯 creative edge comes out in all of his projects, ranging from work for Escada to Gucci to Vidal Sassoon. His hands have perfected the manes of Paula Abdul and Erik Palladino, to name just a few. David a Louisiana native who now calls L.A. home brings his background in art history, photography and pottery to his shoots, using materials such as wool and chopsticks for his editorial looks.

We caught up with him to discuss the 揹ark and powerful shoot he recently put together for an Australian sunglasses company in a blazing-hot studio, with a model wearing steel wool in her hair.

What was the inspiration for the shoot?
This shoot was a spec for an Australian sunglasses advertisement, and so we were interested in playing with the idea of the sun. With its hard and soft qualities, sunlight makes things grow, so we chose to experiment with organic lines and shapes in the hair design. I chose to create flowers, stems, roots and tendrils in all their wild beauty...breaking free from the constraints of a structured, organized and professionalized world.

What mood were you going for?
Dark and powerful.

What drew you to your model?
Her height (6'1") and the length and body of her hair. She reminded me of a blossoming tree, full of presence and grace.

What music was playing on the set?
Death Cab for Cutie.

How did you get the look?
In order to create the organic shapes in the model抯 hair, I used steel wool, wooden chopsticks and pliable metal spirals. I then shaped her hair around these items and intertwined them to create height and movement.

Any memorable moments?
We were all sweating and about to drop from the heat, as the air conditioner decided to break, and it was during a heat wave. Somehow we all survived. Despite all of this, and being under the lights all day, the model was a rock star through it all...after being up all night with her newborn.


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