On Set

"Girl Meets Discovery"

Despite working as a premium makeup artist for the past five years, hair is where Nanealani Pickford's heart lies. Having stepped into the styling industry more than a decade ago, she抯 quickly gained a reputation for her creative editorial work, as well as her ability to make models and stars feel (and look) beautiful.

The Bocz Salon stylist recently spoke to us about her love of nature, why a strong bone structure is important when casting a model, and how fashion chains inspire her on shoots.

What was your inspiration for 揋irl Meets Discovery?
Kind of an Anthropology, Urban Outfitters setting: clean, soft and detailed.

What mood were you going for?
Nature - because the clothes were so simplistic and the [background was just] the trees and grass, we wanted the hair to be big and textured.

What products did you use?
Dry Texturizing Spray, Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray and Superfine Hair Spray.

Any memorable moments?
The most memorable moment was how beautiful the day was.

What music was playing on set?
We didn't have any just the sounds of nature.

Do you have a failsafe product that you always turn to on shoots?

Makeup by Julie Stevens.


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