"You Can Do Beachy Waves"

On the Runway
For those of you who have a hard time embracing the also-hot wet look, the spring runways offered a breezier compromise: a slew of soft, beachy waves that are easy to wear and easy to style. The key is finding the ideal balance between wild and neat.

1. Prep Hair
If you're starting with dry hair, spritz strands with beach spray and then tousle with fingers. Washing hair first? Skip conditioner after you shampoo, then towel-dry and distribute mousse throughout using a wide-tooth comb. If you wash your hair at night, create a series of mini buns around your head by twisting then spiraling small sections and securing them with elastics. Wrap hair in a silk scarf and go to sleep.

2. Bring on the Waves
If you slept with your hair in buns, remove the elastics and shake out hair. To enhance texture, add some beach spray and scrunch. If your locks are wet, dry them using a diffuser attachment. Set blow-dryer heat to low or medium, place the diffuser near roots, and begin moving in a circular motion. (If you have fine hair, flip your head over and dry upside down.) To dry the ends, hold hair up to the diffuser. Finish with a blast of cold air to bring out shine.

Oribe Hair Care Apr├Ęs Beach Wave and Shine Spray
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