Vaughn Acord

Vaughn Acord is well known throughout the industry as co-owner and creative director of Mizu salon in New York, and as one of the country's top men’s stylists, with a celebrity clientele that includes Richard Gere, Michael J. Fox, Tom Brady, President Bill Clinton, Ashton Kutcher, Al Pacino, Robert Redford and Bruce Springsteen…to name a few. Learn more about what inspires this drummer-turned model-turned celebrity hairstylist/salon owner, and how you, too, can balance and have it all.

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Signature haircut?

Short back and side

Favorite Oribe product?

Imperméable (To see Vaughn styling this campaign, click here)

How you spend your Mondays?

In the salon

What makes you tick?

Intelligent style and a good beat

What you are listening to right now?

Gary Clark Junior & Nick Waterhouse (Click here to listen to Vaughn's full Spotify Playlist.)

Favorite food and drink?

Japanese food and Dirty Martinis

Hidden talent?

I’m a great cook

Talent you wish you had?

Being able to sing

Best piece of advice you ignored?

To pursue my music education and career. (No regrets – I can’t complain)

Something you are embarrassed to admit you love?

Ironing my own shirts

Where would you teleport to in the next 10 seconds?

Colombier Beach in St. Barths

Best kept secret in New York?


Present state of mind?

Peaceful and excited for the future

Personal or favorite motto?

What comes around goes around

Greatest extravagance?

My kids - Zane and Zoe

Words or phrases you most overuse?

It is what it is

Trait about yourself you love to hate?

Being trusting
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