"Hair Apparent"

He is Oribe, the infamous "hair maestro" known for collaborations with top models, actresses, designers, and photographers. He is a blend of Cuban machismo and southern gentleman, and his signature style is all about possibility, enourmous volume, and outrageous beauty.

Growing up in the Charlotte, North Carolina, Oribe was obsessed with "old movies, glamour, beauty and elegance and Elly May from the The Beverly Hillbillies." And now Oribe is launching a super-luxe product line blending the best of ingredients, Swiss chemistry, and a little magic.

Rock Hard Gel is "an architectural product, like Elmer's glue, that allows you to sculpt and shape." Royal Blowout is "a secret weapon, a heat-styling spray."

In conversation, it's clear Oribe loves what he does--his enthusiasm, his joy for creating fashion, remain fresh and fabulous. When asked about his secret passions, he confesses that he has an enormous hair collection and buys hair from all over the world. "I have Tahitian hair, old-lady hair, baby hair. When I was in the Arctic, a girl let me cut off her long hair. Nice to have options. After all, I'm known for bringing everything."
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