"Love is in the Hair"

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, it’s time to put your planning into overdrive: where you’re going, what you’re wearing and how you’ll be styling your hair. While we can’t help you score dinner reservations or put together the perfect ensemble, Oribe Educator Adam Livermore can give you tips and techniques for getting sexy locks that will make any man swoon…

What is it about hair that can be so darn sexy?

What a sexy dress does for a woman's body, sexy hair does for her face and shoulders. It shows off her sexiest assets, but leaves just a little to the imagination. It gives her confidence...and there's absolutely nothing sexier than confidence.

What are some especially sexy ways to wear your hair?

The sexiest hair is like a shows a little skin but has just a little mystery to it. Long hair with layers is always sexy if you get a soft blowout and toss your hair back behind your shoulders but let the front layers fall in your face a little.

Are there any hair no-nos for Valentine’s Day?

Sexy hair looks like hair, not hair product. Skip the all-day-hold's not about looking professional for the duration of a workday. Instead, use products like Royal Blowout and Supershine to get a texture that begs to be touched, but looks totally naked.

How can people create an easy Valentine’s Day updo?

Blow your hair out smooth with Royal Blowout and a round brush. While it's still hot, put hair up in a twist. Start low, twist high and secure it with 2 or 3 giant bobby pins and a spray of Imperméable. The updo will show off your neck and shoulders...but it will be very easily unpinned and shaken out into a fragrant, soft, sexy head of wavy hair.

How can people achieve a super-sexy blowout at home?

The easiest way is to blast your hair dry with Volumista, and then use hot rollers. People think hot rollers are old school, but they’re a fantastic way to get the look of an amazing blowout without using a round brush. They key is to use only the biggest size (you may need to get two or three sets of rollers to get all big ones) and to take them out and brush your hair a little before they get totally stone cold. You'll have shiny, voluminous hair with a sexy curve.

Why are Oribe products so perfect for Valentine’s Day hair?

The big Valentine’s Day products are always the volume products...Volumista, Maximista, Dry Texturizing Spray and Crème for Style all do the trick. They're perfect because they give you decadent volume, but the hair remains totally touchable. Your special someone will see a luxurious head of hair, but he won’t feel any products when he runs his hands through it.
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