• <b>Helaine Knapp<br />
Founder of City Row NYC<br />
New York, NY<br />
<br />
What's the concept behind CityRow?</b><br />
I was just another person trying to fit a good workout into a busy day when a trainer turned me onto indoor rowing.  He started talking about the benefits—full body cardio, high intensity, low impact—and it dawned on me that the rower was a hidden gem.  After incorporating rowing into my workout, I was addicted, and I saw this huge opportunity create something new and different.  <br />
<br />
<b>What kind of variety is there in classes?</b><br />
Every class is unique, as we alternate mat work with rowing, and we keep things fresh with new moves within the CityRow workout. Our Signature class is the most popular, but we also offer Row & Flow—incorporating Vinyasa yoga—and Row & Core, which is similar to our Signature class with emphasis on the core. Our CityRow playlists ensure we're having a blast while torching calories.<br />
  • <b>Sarah Tiefenthaler<br />
Founder and Instructor of YOGAqua <br />
Marina Del Rey, CA, and Newport Beach, CA<br />
<br />
What is the concept behind YOGAqua? </b><br />
Combining two passions: yoga and nature.<br />
<br />
<b>What are the key benefits? </b><br />
Cardio, core strengthening, improved balance, increased flexibility, perfected yoga alignment, vitamin D and fun in the sun.<br />
<br />
<b>What’s a typical class like?</b> <br />
Each class begins with paddle instruction, followed by a 15-20 minute paddle to warm up. Then, we anchor the boards and flow through an hour of yoga while floating on the calm water in the harbor. The unstable surface moving beneath you as you float on the water makes you work much harder to hold the poses, which keeps the core muscles engaged and makes for a sexy, toned tummy. A final meditation concludes the class.  Lying on the board with the calm rippling water beneath you, sun on your skin and the gentle breeze in your hair, there is nothing more peaceful.<br />
  • <b>Michael Olajide Jr<br />
Founder of Aerospace High Performance Center<br />
New York, NY</b><br />
<br />
<b>What is the concept behind Aerospace?</b><br />
The concept behind Aerospace High Performance Center is, basically, leave the machines behind. Let your body become the machine and receive all the health and fitness benefits that a professional athlete would. <br />
<br />
<b>What separates Aerobox from other boxing programs?</b><br />
Aerobox is not just faux boxing punches to music; it incorporates many of the attributes that an elite professional boxer has to show in a fight.<br />
  • <b>What’s a typical class like?</b><br />
The class begins with a specific warm-up that prepares the muscles for a reflex/recall workout that requires fast twitch muscles. It never really stays the same, sometimes it's more boxing than jump rope, other times it may have more intense bouts of rope work, and sometimes it's more sculpting-type work. It's very much like a fight, you prepare for all scenarios but more than likely you have to be able to adapt. <br />
 <br />
<b>What are some other unique fitness courses available at Aerospace HPC?</b><br />
One class I really love is Aerobarre, a hybrid ballet/boxing class taught by my business partner Leila Fazel, a former professional ballerina who is very gifted at boxing drills. Then there is Aero3, a mix of boxing, jumping and sculpting. People who don't live in the city can train through our online training program. <br />
  • <b>Mary Helen Bowers<br />
Professional Ballerina, Celebrity Trainer and Founder of Ballet Beautiful<br />
New York, NY<br />
<br />
What are the key benefits of Ballet Beautiful and what separates Ballet Beautiful from other fitness programs?</b><br />
Ballet Beautiful is a one-of-a-kind fitness method. Every exercise and stretch in the workout is rooted in the fundamentals of classical ballet training and designed to give anyone, with or without dance experience, a dancer's toned, powerful and elegant physique. Ballet Beautiful targets and sculpts the muscles that dancers use in their everyday training. Most clients see results in as little as two weeks with just three hours of practice per week.<br />
<br />
<b>What kind of variety is there in classes?</b><br />
Each client has a different goal. It could be getting ready for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, a beach vacation, staying fit during pregnancy or building strength, muscle tone and great posture. In general, each workout focuses on targeting specific ballet muscles to sculpt a sleek, powerful and beautifully toned body shape.<br />
  • <b>Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer <br />
Co-Owners of Shred415 <br />
Chicago, IL<br />
<br />
What is the concept behind Shred415? </b><br />
Shred415 provides a 60-minute, instructor-led, calorie-burning, high intensity interval training class designed to target all muscle groups and guaranteed to shred your body.  The class is divided into four 15-minute segments of treadmill and floor exercises set to great playlists. Treadmills receive walking, jogging and running calls while they navigate incline, adjust for speed increases and focus on segments to build endurance while the floor is led through a series of strength training exercises combined with cardio bursts using decks and free weights. <br />
  • <b>What are the key benefits?</b><br />
Shred415 provides a sweat-infused workout for all fitness levels.  Shredders see increased strength, balance, muscle tone and. With high intensity interval training, you spike the heart rate and then drop it down. A shredder burns anywhere from 500-1200 calories in class, but then after class they reap the benefits of the 'after-burn effect' which allows your body to continue to burn calories 24 to 36 hours after your workout is over. Shredders really see changes in their body in less than a month if they come three times per week.<br />
  • <b>Sarah Roberts<br />
Instructor at 305 Fitness <br />
New York, NY<br />
<br />
What separates 305 Fitness from other cardio dance classes? </b><br />
We have a live DJ, a welcoming environment and sassy instructors. We try to keep our moves easy to learn so that anyone can jump into a class and follow along, but we also want the class to be challenging. Our classes incorporate more than just dance moves; we infuse sports drills, conditioning exercises and high intensity interval training to create a fun full-body workout.  <br />
Mar 10, 2014


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