Travel Beauty Tips: Nails

We love the excitement of traveling to an exotic destination, but getting there isn’t always so glamorous, especially when it involves a lengthy plane ride. Jet-setters and adventurers take note: We asked a few of our favorite beauty professionals to share their top hair, makeup, skincare and nail tips that will keep you traveling in style from takeoff to touchdown. Read on for nail tips from nail artist Eda Levenson.

Nails: Eda Levenson, aka Lady Fancy Nails, nail artist

What can you do to extend the longevity of a regular polish manicure?

I always tell people to add a second layer of top coat to your nails the day after you get them done to help stave off chipping.

What are a few quick-fix nail products that you should always keep in your carry-on?

A file is the most important thing to have to fix a chipped or broken nail. It’s also always a good idea to travel with a bottle of your favorite quick-dry top coat for emergencies.

If you’re leaving for an impromptu trip and you don’t have time for a manicure, what can you do to glam up your nails on the go?

One of my favorite tools is a nail buffer with multiple abrasive sides. They have a soft polishing side, which you can use to buff your nails for a shiny finish. If you can’t go without some color on your nails, nail art strips can be applied in transit and are a inoffensive-smelling alternative to painting your nails, which your neighbors will thank you for.

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