The Great Gatsby-Inspired Hair

For a recent Oribe Hair Care event, Tom Gallagher showcased this beautiful look (above left) based on Mia Farrow’s Daisy Buchanan style in the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby. With the release of the first trailer for the 2013 remake, starring Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio, finger waves are sure to be popping up everywhere. In fact, they were already all over the spring/summer 2012 runways, including Zac Posen. Here’s how to recreate Gallagher's look and give it a more modern twist:

1. Apply Rock Hard Gel to damp hair at the roots. Create a defined side part and use a blowdryer and your hands to create a wave slightly off the face on either side of the part. Clip the waves in place and let them cool.

2. Use either Gel Sérum (for coarse hair) or Crème for Style (for softer hair) to blowdry the rest of the hair.

3. Spray hair with Soft Lacquer and use a medium-barrel curling iron to create horizontal waves in alternating directions down to the ends of the hair. To do this, take horizontal sections of hair in the iron, leaving the ends out, and rotate the iron one turn. Then flip the direction of the iron and create another wave below the first. Continue this pattern of switching directions all the way down to the ends. This will create a mock finger wave effect.

4. Remove clips from the hairline. Use your hands and cold air from the blow dryer to loosen the set and give the style a more modern, comfortable look.

5. If the hair is longer, pin it under at the hairline to create a faux bob.

6. Spray with Dry to set and add texture. Finish with a classic pin from a flea market or vintage store.

Click here to watch the trailer for the upcoming movie.
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