Emilie Poulin

For the first in our series of videos from Stylelikeu, meet Paris-based fashion designer and artist Emilie Poulin. Emilie is both laid back and chic, with a closet full of vintage items and unique accessories. We caught up with her to find out how her hair fits into her sense of style.

How does your hair represent you?

I'm used to dying my hair a lot since high school. I like the idea of playing different characters while being yourself and seeing how it makes your style and attitude change. I always had long hair; I cut it short two years ago and couldn't recognize myself. I acted more like a tomboy, and none of my ‘70s looks suited me anymore! It annoyed me. Colors and style fit you differently depending on your hair. Like clothes, it gives you the opportunity to play different roles. Now I leave my hair quite long and a bit messy. I think it's probably a major part of my style! That's the way I draw hair in my drawings, and people often say that it looks a lot like me.

When drawing hair, which is easier: male or female styles?

My drawings are quite minimalist, and so is the hair. It's harder to draw the ones for men. For women, I like to draw long hair floating in the air or girls hanging their head with their hair in their face. That goes with my silhouettes, which are mostly androgynous.

You have a ton of great jewelry—do you have any favorite accessories for your hair?

It's true that I love old jewelry, but my favorite hair accessory would simply be my cowboy hat! It represents me quite well and fit all my styles. Less is more…

What is your beauty/hair routine?

I basically leave my hair down and natural. Twice a week I apply some day cream.

* Video courtesy of Stylelikeu
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