"Style Revival"

Chicago, March 2015
Hair by Lyneé Ruiz

In Chicago Magazine’s March 2015 issue, hairstylist Lyneé Ruiz took inspiration from the ’70s to create contrasting hair looks for the editorial’s two models. “We were lucky to be able to use a lot of items from Louis Vuitton and Chanel, which were inspired by that decade,” said Ruiz, who suggested a windblown wave for the first model. A vintage photo of Diana Ross inspired the second look, an updo accented with a flower. “The first model had a slightly vintage feel to her waves, but I modernized it by adding a lot of volume,” explained Ruiz. “The second model was more tailored with her large bun. I wanted them both to be like singer-songwriters—one was a free spirit hippie while the other had a soul music feel to her look.”

Get the Long, Wavy Look:
1. Apply Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray on damp hair and blow-dry with a round brush for volume.
2. Spray the roots with Thick Dry Finishing Spray and tease. Take a 1¼ -inch curling iron and wrap the hair in one-inch sections, directing the curl back and away from face. Continue this process up and along the head.
3. Spray a Mason Pearson Brush with Superfine Hair Spray and brush out the curls, avoiding the teased roots.
4. Flip your hair upside down and spray it with Dry Texturizing Spray.
5. Finish with Superfine Hair Spray. “I always spray my hands with Superfine Hair Spray and touch the hair in areas that need to be tamed, rather than directly spraying onto the hair,” tipped Ruiz.

Get the Updo Look:
1. Curl the entire head into a traditional pin-curl set.
2. Spray a Mason Pearson brush with Superfine Hair Spray and brush at the roots, avoiding the curled ends and pulling the hair into a ponytail. It should be placed in the middle of the back of the head, where you want the bun to sit.
3. To create a larger bun, Ruiz used a small Afro-style wig that she pinned to the side of the model’s head. She also curled the ponytail, along with hair extensions. Polish the curls with Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream and lay them over the wig piece. Secure with hair pins.
4. Finish with Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream to tame flyaways and Superfine Hair Spray.
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