• Cruz created this bold look which is perfect for spring.

Spring Awakening

Spring has officially sprung, and it’s time to leave behind the dark and neutral tones of your winter makeup palette. We talked to celebrity and editorial makeup artist Edward Cruz, whose work has been seen on such famous faces as Kirsten Dunst, Anna Wintour, Jennifer Lopez and Ginnifer Goodwin, about the hottest trends right now…and how any woman can wear them.

What are some makeup trends you're loving for spring?

It’s all about bold: bold lips, bold eyes, bold cheek color. I am loving the risks women are taking. Trends have evolved and are feeling and looking freer than ever.

How should women change up their makeup routine for spring?

When it comes to beauty, “change” is a strong word for a lot of women. There are the women who love following trends, and there are those who haven't really explored in quite some time. Beauty trends are shifting constantly, and the best way to follow suit is to find the trend that works best for you. Explore the magazine ads and look at your favorite stars on the red carpet. You don't have to be an exact copy, but if you see something you love, like a bold red lip, test it out! Makeup is great because you can always wipe it off and try something different. On the other hand, you can always add more, too!

What's one makeup item no girl should leave home without applying?

I'm loving Shiseido's BB Cream. It makes the skin look smoother and gives it a soft, healthy glow.

How can even the most non-daring girls have a little more fun with their makeup?

I think lips offer the best way to have more fun. Say you have been liking the fuchsia lip trend, but you are petrified of wearing bright pink lipstick…go for a sheer balm in that color instead. Sonia Kashuk just released the most amazing balms in bright colors that come across as tints on the lips.

What's the craziest makeup trend you've seen for spring?

The ’90s bold brow is back. I love it so much, but I often see a ’70s/’80s Siouxsie Sioux brow, rather than the ’90s Cindy Crawford bold brow. My tip: Go easy on the brow filling towards the center of the face (near the bridge of the nose). Focus on the arch and tail of the brow, and brush the brows to keep them looking groomed. Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray is a favorite of mine to fix the brows in place. I spray a little on a brow brush and swipe it through for an all day clean hold.
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