Sonia Kashuk

Oribe Hair Care is proud to announce that award-winning makeup artist Sonia Kashuk will be partnering with Oribe for Backstage Miami.

Sonia Kashuk has become a household name, thanks to the runaway success of her makeup and accessories line for Target. Her combination of business sense and artistry—seen both in her current role at the helm of Sonia Kashuk Beauty and throughout her celebrated career as an award-winning makeup artist—have made her one of today’s top beauty experts.

In the early 1980s, Sonia began collaborating with celebrated fashion photographer Arthur Elgort on editorials for Vogue, which led to work for Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Elle and other top magazines. It was during that time that she met Oribe, and the two would travel to places like Rome and Russia together for jobs with Arthur. “It was a small, tight-knit group of hairdressers and makeup artists back then, so there was a lot more regular interaction” says Sonia, who remembers working with Oribe on one of his first shoots with Jennifer Lopez. “Oribe and I always understood each other’s aesthetic and were big fans of each other’s work. I love that Oribe always wants his women to look sexy and glamorous, even if the shoot is edgy.”

After spending eight years as the creative director of cosmetics for Aveda and co-authoring the book Basic Face with her close friend Cindy Crawford, Sonia joined forces with Target in 1999 to bring high-quality luxury makeup to the masses…an industry first. Sonia has her hands in every part of the production process for her brand, from creating the innovative, performance-based formulas to designing the high-end packaging that houses them. She is always at the forefront of trends, and her dedication to staying current is reflected in the new colors, patterns and shapes used in her makeup and accessories lines each season. As a result of her success, Sonia has been honored with the prestigious Cosmetic Executive Women Achievement Award and named a top beauty innovator by Allure.

While building her brand over the past 14 years, Sonia made sure to remain in touch with her dear friend Oribe. “I always thought he was a brand waiting to happen,” she says. “It’s been incredibly fun watching the evolution and success of Oribe Hair Care and being its cheerleader.” Sonia looks forward to stepping back into collaborating with Oribe and Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, whom she also worked with in the ‘80s, for Backstage Miami. “Oribe called and asked me to be part of the show, saying, ‘I want the models to look gorgeous, and I know that’s what you do,’” she says. “I’m excited to be back in that energy and to implement Oribe’s vision.”
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