Sinister Pop Editorial Workshop with Michael Angelo

For the second installment of his art-themed workshop series, master stylist and art enthusiast Michael Angelo of Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor took a group of 14 stylists on a guided tour of the Sinister Pop exhibit at New York City’s Whitney Museum. “The works that we looked at were all from the Pop Art period, but specifically work that looked at American culture with a more cynical eye,” Michael said.

Following the tour, the stylists gathered for cocktails and were able to discuss the works they had just seen. The following day, each stylist was challenged to create their own works of Pop Art using hair as their medium. Michael had the stylists do two looks, one that was iconic Pop and the other a Sinister Pop look.

“Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe series is arguably the most iconic Pop artwork,” he explained. “I love icons, so it was a natural starting point for me. My first look was a classic Marilyn set and comb out. I wanted it to exemplify a perfect, flawless Marilyn. To make the look ‘sinister,’ I wanted to go behind the veil of perfection and consider Marilyn's reality. She struggled with addiction and depression, and I wanted to comment on that as an artist. So I built on the set/comb-out to create a look that was designed to seem like she had just woken up from a drunken sleep…most likely not in her own bed. I wanted the look to embody the more tragic side of Marilyn's tale.”

When the stylists were finished creating their masterpieces, their finished looks were shot by a professional photographer, allowing each stylist to walk away with two new photos to add to his or her portfolio.

“It is really important for me that my workshops be a safe space for creativity and exploration,” Michael said. “I hate for people to feel like they're being scrutinized or judged; it doesn't encourage the openness that's necessary for artistic expression. So for me, the most exciting part was seeing people trust that and really try things that they might not be able to try behind the chair.”
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