"Rock the Hot New Faux Hawk"

It's big, it's bold, and no one else at the party will be wearing it! Julianne Hough's hair pro, Riawna Capri explains....

1. Spritz dry hair with texturizer, then tease roots, doing two-inch sections at a time.
2. Hold sections taut, hit roots with hairspray, then let dry before releasing.
3. Rake hair back (from eye to eye), pinching and spraying for a piecey look.
4. Rub pomade between palms, slick back sides, and create a low ponytail.
5. Wrap the pony into a flat, low bun, and pin. Have short hair? Just pin back sides.
6. Sweep the faux hawk over the bun, rolling ends under gently, and pin.

Brushable hairspray
Oribe Superfine Hair Spray
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