Dec 5, 2011

Propaganda Salon

Along with beautiful hair and excellent service, Propaganda Hair Group in Austin, Texas, offers its clients a window to the world. The salon’s design is inspired by co-owner Lati Domi’s European upbringing and training, and the staff is always on-hand to provide customers with the latest news in fashion and beauty from around the globe. Propaganda, which opened in September 2010, was a North American Hairdresser Award (NAHA) finalist in the Salon Design category.

How would you describe your salon’s design?

Minimal Contemporary

How did you come up with your vision?

We wanted a loft-like salon that was free of clutter, with accents of wood and concrete for texture. Functionality was a big factor in our decision-making process. We did not want to use any unnecessary space or energy, so we built all our storage inside the walls.

What feeling are you trying to convey to your clients?

We want our clients to feel like they are in a fashion oriented environment at the same time we want them to feel comfortable with the environment.

How does the design reflect and/or contradict the city of Austin?

Austin is an environmentally conscious city. Our attention to the environment fits in very well. We are, however, the only salon with a contemporary feel, which makes it easier for us to stand out.

How does the design reflect YOU?

Being born and raised in Europe and having worked as a stylist in Italy, I am more comfortable with the European approach to the salon design. I believe that, for a creative person, it is always better to place yourself in a creative environment. The salon reflects our creative and forward-thinking side.

What’s your favorite part of the salon?

My favorite part of the salon is the shampoo area and the front light fixtures.

Other than great hair, what is something else you offer your clients?

We are the link between our clients and the fashion world. We spend a lot of time researching and educating ourselves not only in hair, but also in what is happening in fashion. We are involved with photo shoots and fashion shows. By doing all of this, we we stay current and ensure that we have created an environment in which our clients not only get a great service, but also know they can rely on us for information regarding the latest trends in hair, makeup and fashion.

Other than the physical design of the space, how do you create your desired atmosphere in the salon?

Music is very important to us. We change the music during the day based on the energy in the salon. We also display photos we’ve created throughout the salon. At the shampoo area, we play classic movies such as Casablanca. At the color processing area, we have iPads for the clients. We also use iPads instead of look books to show our customers various styles.

If you could have a fashion designer create uniforms for your salon, who would it be?

It would have to be Paul Smith or Yigal Azrouel.

Do you serve refreshments in your salon?

We serve wine, mimosas, champagne and beer.
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