Project Makeover: Tom Ford Edition

For the November 2013 issue of GQ, Tom Ford transformed five regular Londoners into style icons-in-the-making. Oribe worked closely with the renowned designer to complete his vision for each man. “Every little thing about every guy was thought out,” Oribe said. “Tom was very specific about the looks he was going for. He gave me a lot of direction, but also allowed me to do my thing.”

Oribe explained that Ford was all about grooming and using facial hair to contour the face; for example, to square the jaw line, open up the cheeks, etc. Ford believes that eyebrows should be groomed (but not heavily plucked), nose hairs should be trimmed and hands and feet should be manicured. He told the magazine, “There’s a different kind of comfort that comes from putting your best foot forward.”

For his part, Oribe created very masculine looks through great cuts and products such as Rough Luxury, Rough Luxury Soft, Fiber Groom, Imperméable and Gel Sérum. He also used Ford’s favorite, Dry, and Thick, which he says, “was amazing for adding thickness to their hair.” For the cuts, Oribe said it was important to look at the shape of the guy’s head. He removed some length, but didn’t want to take the hair too close. “I think it looks more masculine when there’s a little length on the side,” he noted.

While Oribe’s favorite makeover subject, Joel, didn’t appear in the magazine (it only showed up in the online story), he thought each transformation was something incredible. “Tom unearthed a real sophistication in every guy,” he said. “It was amazing to see the final results.”

Click here to see Oribe in action.
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