• Photographer: Sean Sweeny<br><br />
Model: Shaina Marx
  • Photographer: Sean Sweeny<br><br />
Model: Shaina Marx
  • Photographer: Sean Sweeny<br><br />
Model: Shaina Marx

"Grotesque Glamour"

Picasso. Andy Warhol. A Clockwork Orange. The team at Belle Marie Salon looked to the arts and film for their "Grotesque Glamour" shoot, inspired by the controlled madness at Oribe Backstage Las Vegas. "We wanted a sociopath with bound arms...crazy eyes," says Shaina Marx, who helped conceptualize the shoot.

We spoke with Shaina and her fellow creative director, Kelli Ramaker, about their limit-pushing day on-set.

How did you get inspired for your Backstage Las Vegas in-salon class?

Shaina Marx: We used the same points of inspiration Oribe used, like Picasso and Andy Warhol, and we added a Grotesque Glamour twist by referencing A Clockwork Orange. We wanted a sociopath with bound arms…crazy eyes.

Kelli Ramaker: Our idea went from having one eye stand out to, “What would happen if we painted the whole body?”

Tell us more about the paint.

Shaina: We looked for bubble-gum pink paint at just the right texture and consistency to pour. At the costume store, you can’t find that much pink paint that’s safe to use on the body. Someone there said that if you mix red paint with milk, then it might create the right effect.

Kelli: Davina told us you could put milk into liquid to make it thicker – that’s actually how they thicken liquids in some nursing homes. She mixed it for us. The whole process took six hours, so by the time we poured it, it kind of curdled.

Did your photographer help lead the shoot?

Kelli: Our photographer, Sean Sweeney, has a very creative eye and really helped with the lighting and angles. None of his photographs had to be retouched…he really relies on getting the right photo from the beginning. He took some crazy shots. We took pictures of the model before we splashed paint on her. Later, we had her posing in the chandeliers, outside…we just keep saying, “What if, what if, what if?”

What did you take from your Backstage class?

Shaina: It inspired us…that we’re all capable of beautiful, creative work. A lot of times, we get held back because we think a style is going to be too crazy or too weird. If you feel it’s right in your gut, just go for it – and that’ll be what sets you apart from everybody else.

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