• <b><i>Kempner</b><br />
Hair by Ramona Eschbach<br /><br />
<i>Photo Courtesy of Kempner</i>
  • <b>
<i>Photo Courtesy of Kempner</i>
  • <b><i>Jill Stuart</b><br />
Hair by James Pecis<br /><br />
<i>Photo Courtesy of Jill Stuart</i>
  • <b>
<i>Photo Courtesy of Jill Stuart</i>
  • <b><i>Tim Coppens</b><br />
Hair by Yannick d’Is<br /><br />
<i>Photo Courtesy of Tim Coppens</i>
  • <i><i>Photo Courtesy of Tim Coppens</i></i>

Playing with Texture

Oribe Hair Care was backstage at more than two dozen shows during New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015. Here, we take you behind the scenes, highlighting the top hair trends to try this fall.

Seen at Kempner, Jill Stuart and Tim Coppens, textured looks were all over the runways. Whether creating soft waves or a matte, slept-in look, our lead hairstylists achieved different ways to showcase texture using Oribe products. Click through our slideshow to discover each look and learn how to get it.

Hair by Ramona Eschbach

To complement Kempner’s ’70s-inspired collection for Fall 2015, hairstylist Ramona Eschbach created soft, natural waves that went perfectly with the models’ Studio 54-ready ensembles.

Get the Look:
1. Wet the hair with Foundation Mist, then apply Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse to the roots.
2. Blow-dry for natural, smooth and clean hair.
3. Spray Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray on the hair section by section. Use a curling iron to curl each section by creating a figure-eight around the iron rod.
4. Finish the look with Dry Texturizing Spray.

Jill Stuart
Hair by James Pecis

Jill Stuart had a ‘70s vibe running through her Fall/Winter 2015, so lead hairstylist James Pecis wove the fun, young, free-spirited feel of that era into the hair look. “Some key words to describe this woman and her soft, perfectly imperfect waves are renegade, poetic and sultry,” Pecis explained. “She’s very cool and she’s having a blast. She’s an individual.”

Get the Look:
1. Create a soft center part that looks natural. Spray Maximista Thickening Spray into the lengths and blow-dry it in.
2. Bend sections around a 1-1 ½” curling iron in alternating directions to create a flat, natural wave.
3. If curls look too perfect or “done,” spray Foundation Mist onto hands and run through the curls to break them up a bit.
4. Use Dry Texturizing Spray to create more texture, if needed.

Tim Coppens
Hair by Yannick d’Is

Using designer Tim Coppens’ punk inspiration for his Fall 2015 collection, hairstylist Yannick d’Is created a look that was messy but still felt put-together. “When you look at them, their skin is matte and their hair is ropey, like if you slept with a beanie on and your hair is flattened down but beautifully done,” explained Coppens. “Yannick has a huge amount of experience. Once I showed him these pictures, he instantly got the vibe and overall feel.”

Get the Look:
1. Use Volumista Mist for Volume, Maximista Thickening Spray and Rock Hard Gel at the sides and top to create a wet texture. Rake the hair back with your fingers.
2. Blow-dry the hair with a flat brush, making the sides smooth but leaving texture at the top.
3. For long hair, make a ponytail at the base and secure with an elastic. Wrap the top and sides of the hair with a mesh net, flattening it against the head.
4. Blow-dry the wrapped hair with a diffuser. Remove the mesh net, leaving a messy, textured and almost wet look.

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