• Rascal Flatts. Hair by Tony Caldwell.
  • Easton Corbin. Hair by Tony Caldwell
  • Kimberly Williams Paisley. Hair by Meri Gray.

Parlour 3 Salon at the 2013 CMAs

Several talented stylists from Parlour 3 Salon in Brentwood, TN, were called upon by country music’s finest to help them get ready for the 2013 CMAs. Check out the musicians and their red carpet looks above and learn how to recreate their looks below.

Easton Corbin and Rascal Flatts
Hair by Tony Caldwell

Tony Caldwell worked with singer Easton Corbin and the band Rascal Flatts for the evening’s events. “I have a go-to combination of products for pretty much all of my male artists with short hair,” Tony said. “It gives me the ability to get a mostly matte finish with slight shine, but still achieve the hold and texture of matte products. The hair has to hold up to a day of press and the artists running around on stage if they’re performing.”

Get the Look:
1) Starting with wet hair, apply Foundation Mist to equalize the porosity of the hair and prime it for the next step.
2) Apply Surfcomber to the hair and blow dry it into the hair for hold and control. “I love Surfcomber this way because it allows me to manipulate the hair however I want and restyle it if need be,” Tony said. “The guys were shocked at how little product was in their hair and how strong it felt. Needless to say, all of them are addicted to Surfcomber now.”
3) Finish the style with a small amount of Rough Luxury Soft to define the hair with a matte finish.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley
Hair by Meri Gray

Stylist Meri Gray created a sleek, side chignon for Kimberly Williams-Paisley. “We wanted a look that was simple, elegant and would complement her dress perfectly,” Meri said.

Get the Look:
1) Mist hair with Soft Lacquer from mid-shaft to ends on dry hair.
2) Take small sections and curl the hair away from the face with a 3/4-inch barrel.
3) Once the hair is curled, brush out the curls and use Dry on the roots to give lift and volume. Tease the hair from the roots to mid-shaft before pinning back and loosely wrapping into a chignon.
4) Finish with Superfine to set the style.
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