• Parlour 3 in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Parlour 3 in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Parlour 3 salon owner Melissa Schleicher.
  • Melissa Schleicher and Carrie Underwood at the Parlour 3 opening party.
  • Parlour 3 in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Parlour 3 in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Parlour 3 in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Parlour 3 in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Parlour 3 in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Parlour 3 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Parlour 3

Melissa Schleicher started doing hair at age 19; nearly 20 years later, she opened her own salon in Nashville, Parlour 3. The salon gained immediate acclaim thanks to one of Schleicher’s most loyal clients—Carrie Underwood, who attended the salon’s grand opening party—but its beautiful interior and talented stylists are what keep people coming back.

Why did you decide to open your own salon?

I worked as a freelance hairstylist for years, and people were always asking me for salon and stylist recommendations. I thought, why don’t I bring all these talented hairdressers together under one roof? So I decided to open my own hair and makeup boutique…and lure all my favorite stylists to join me.

How would you describe the look of Parlour 3?

It has a very Old Hollywood glam feel, complete with crystal chandeliers, but is still comfortable for my male clients. The design of the Oribe products fit in so perfectly. And that smell…clients love it!

How did you come up with the name Parlour 3?

Parlour came from the overall look and feel I was going for in the space. Three is for my family: me, my husband and our daughter.

What services do you offer in the salon?

We have 9 chairs for cut, color and styling. We also have nail services, an aesthetician and a spray tan technician.

What does your station look like?

I see my clients in a private room that has a lot of drapes and curtains to create a luxe and welcoming atmosphere.

Speaking of your clients, you’ve been doing Carrie Underwood’s hair and makeup for years. How did you first start working with her?

Right after she won American Idol, I was called in to work with her for a performance at the Opry. Then she asked me to go on tour with her. Since then, I’ve been doing lots of shoots and press appearances with her. She does her own hair and makeup a lot when she’s on the road.

How would you describe Carrie’s signature style?

She’s pretty glam, but in an accessible way. She’s the girl next door all dressed up. You never see her looking bad. I’ve really watched her grow into a beautiful woman with a lot of class.

How does her style define her as a musician?

Style is very important to an overall image, but I don’t think it should distract from the music she’s creating. We try not to be over the top, but sometimes it’s fun to experiment. For a performance with Steven Tyler, I gave her pink and purple extensions. It just went with the feel of the show.

What are your favorite beauty looks for her?

I love her hair in soft, beachy waves. For her makeup, I like to pair a smoky eye with a nude lip.

What hair care products do you use on Carrie?

I love using Oribe on Carrie’s hair. I use a lot of Dry to give her volume and texture. For a recent Vitamin Water commercial, I used Soft Lacquer…and the producer of the shoot was obsessed! Carrie uses Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color and Superfine a lot at home.

Do you have any other celebrity clients?

Being in Nashville, I’ve worked with a lot of the big names in country: Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Rascal Flatts, Lauren Alaina, to name a few. I’ve met a lot of great performers that I really admire. But what I love about having a salon is that I now get to make the everyday person feel beautiful. There’s nothing better than that!
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